Good morning and welcome to Coffee Chat.

Yes, I do remember that I have a Blog.
Yes, I realize only posting once a week rather challenges that statement.
No, I cannot apologize for that truth just yet.

I seem to be in a different season right now.   I'm writing every day; often the words just flowing and I realize suddenly a couple of hours have gone by.   And it feels amazing!!!

The wonderful thing is, I am LEARNING so much with all this writing.   Whereas I feel my regular blogging has grown rather stale.  I needed to stretch my wings for a season.  Not just pushing my creativity, ability, comfort zones and discipline, but the amount of RESEARCH y'all --- it's staggering.

Go ahead, ask me about Tidal Times and Flows in the Caribbean Sea.
Specifically on the island of Montserrat. 
Go on, I'll wait.

HA!!!   It's a trick question:  there are none!!
This particular island, and others in the Caribbean Sea are amphidromic points:  which is a point of zero tide basically.   The ocean level remains basically the same.

Why is this important?
It's important because if you were writing a story in which your characters are sailing into port and almost an entire chapter focuses on an older sailor teaching a younger sailor about tidal times...... when there are in fact NONE...

... well, you'd have to delete and re-write the entire chapter.
And that would suck.  Trust.

So, I'm an expert researcher now, which adds as much as an hour to my writing time some days.  You can ask me about the streets of Camden Town another time.

 Maybe I can make a blog post about it?   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Time out for Mom

Tuesday, June 6th, 2017

What is the best compliment you've received lately?

You know what?   I don't usually toot my horn.   In fact, I am not even sure where it is....?
But for the purposes of this chat post, I will force myself to find it and give it a little beep beep.
Maybe even a HONK.

Because we should do that for ourselves.   If people take the time to pay you a compliment, you should at least give it worthy time to acknowledge.

It's taken me years to be brave enough to put my writing out there for people to read.  YEARS people.   I'm in my 40s and it's just the past couple of years I have begun to share stories with folks.
I don't count talking about being a wife, a mom, a sometimes poet here on this little blog as my actual writing; even though it too has been invaluable.    But it's the appetizer, ya know?
I've finally graduated to the buffet.... and it's feels delicious!

Why didn't I share?
You know the answer already, don't you.   Because I bet it's the same reason you don't share something of yourself.   Something so deeply personal and creative.

What. If. People. Don't.  Like.  It??!!

Well, tell you what:  some won't.
But some will.
And you'll listen to both, and you'll be better for it.

But do pay attention to those golden little offerings more than the negative, okay?
That being said, here are some comments on the fictions that I have shared on my Tumblr lately.

Really enjoyed reading this wonderful story, hope there will be more Alfie and Alyona soon! 🤗

Oh, i love this one! 😍 Beautiful story, thank you.

I don’t think I should be reading your stuff at work anymore. Holy mother of God… 

The morning on the island- beautiful. While i was reading the first thunderstorm of spring started, but I do think the goosebumps where only from your writing.

Yet again; another brilliantly written piece; so much depth with the beautiful love he has let himself have & feel for her it’s fantastic 😁😁

Love love love this chapter!! So many interactions between different characters, love them all. No man is an island - indeed! I love how you have brought them all together.

“he knew what a difference it meant when someone shared their heart, as easily as they shared their body.” I LOVE this part! The ease of their intimacy is so beautiful ❤️ and coupled with their minor awkwardness in the kitchen is too adorable. And the bread thieving puppy!!! 🤗

That feels good and a bit awkward sharing.   Which is stupid because we should not feel awkward sharing good things said about us, or our talents.    The truth is, I need comments like these because some days I feel like giving up.   That writing is silly.   No one is reading, why bother?!!

And then I get compliments like this and it reminds me that some people are in fact enjoying the story.  It's not silly.    I created something!!!

Also, you will notice the variety I have chosen to share here, and there are very specific reasons for the ones  I selected.   Some are quite simple - which is great.  Others are very specific.   I love getting a humorous one.   And then the gold standard: when someone actually quotes a line from the story that affected them strongly.   LOVE.

So if you do happen to read fan fictions on the internet, or buy other bloggers books, it is really helpful to us writers when we receive some kind of comment.   Even if you don't like the story, but can offer constructive comments on why; it is so helpful in teaching us how to write better.   I will still take it as a compliment that you took the  time to say anything.  As long as you are not rude of course. 

I encourage you to take the time to respond to the writers you enjoy!   Even if it is simple and sincere.   Remember, most of us are not Stephen King or JK Rowling, we are are providing you with stories for low cost, or most of us FREE.   So a comment goes a long way to encouraging us to continue to bring you stories.  :)

I'm sure everyone can understand this concept because even us bloggers, I know we all love to receive comments on our posts.  It's a universal sign "hey, thanks for being one of my people.  I enjoy it here."

And that always feels pretty darn good.
So hey, you're all awesome and I enjoy you all being here!!   :)

Next Week:  What is your favourite way to spend the weekend?