Good Morning and welcome to Coffee Chat!

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 That is not one of my coffee images posted above, but it is one of my favourite image combinations:  coffee and a bonfire.    Also that view!!!

Imagine waking up to this in the morning?   The next time someone asks me why I like camping, this is the image I will show them.   There is just something about sitting by a warm fire with a warm mug in your hands during the early morning chill.   

If I could wake up to this every day, I'd think I was in paradise.  

Instead, this week I woke up to no coffee in the house and a dead laptop battery.  Which wouldn't be too much of a problem because you can plug them in, right?
Yes, unless that cord also fails. 
What to do, AND how to write??!!

Maybe you should sit down and have a coffee while you figure out a solution?

Anyway, apologies for not getting to your comments and posts last week until very late today, but I am back up and running today.   I even have an external hard drive now so that I can back up my laptop every night. 

Because can you imagine if I lost all those photos I've been acquiring the past couple of years, OR the stories that have been pouring out of me?

Sometimes I think the cave drawers had a better system.
I mean, those pictures and words are still with us and no one had to make an emergency order from Amazon. 

Unless of course, that is how you like to spend your weekend time?

Time out for Mom

Tuesday, June 13th, 2017

What is your favourite way to spend the weekend? 

As already noted, every day should start with coffee.   That's just a given.   The where is what can make it extra special.   I have mentioned being particularly fond of Left Brain's bedside delivery practice.

Since I cannot get the camping and bonfire experience every day, when the summer months arrive, my backdeck with a view of my gardens is the next best thing.    Just tune out the noise of suburbia in the background. 

I don't have a picture of coffee on my back deck - yet, because we are currently invested by these red and black bugs crawling over every single thing they can crawl upon.   And I don't mean of the lady like variety -- these things are ugly.    I think they only last at the beginning of the warm weather and them mostly die off, so hopefully we can soon be enjoying the lovely weather. 

I did however have to get those nasty creepies out of my garden before they ate all my  plants.    Thus, my weekend was definitely spent doing one of my favourite things.  In my Happy Place.   Even though bugs are happy here too.

After a very late Spring, that gave us snow in May, followed by weeks of constant cloudy skies and downpours, the sun finally shone.   And my garden was most grateful. 

Happy Place.  #garden #flowers #nature #getdirty 🌺 ☀️ 🐝 🦋

I have more garden shots for WW this week, all kinds of colour popping up all over the place.    I especially like that shock of blue with my newly painted birdbath.  The birds love it too.

Working in the garden always gives me a huge appetite.  I could eat an entire cow, I swear it.   I settled for one fantastic grilled steak instead.

Honestly, I do not know why I own a stove.   BBQ is the way to go.   I think I could live just fine without electricity.    Well, except for that I need to do some writing on my computer today Right Now before the idea leaves me thing.   Although, I could buy more pretty journals that way!! 

And as if life was not beautiful enough, I did get that bonfire closing of the day after all.
Thanks to an invitation from friends ---  it had looked like rain all day, but thankfully it held off and we had a lovely time of smores and watching the kids play Manhunt in the woods.

If the weather was just a bit warmer -- meaning our water still not glacial temperature - all I  would add to this weekend is a trip to the beach.   Perfection.

You know, I just realized I have celebrated all the wondrous Four Elements of Nature in my weekend pursuits:

Outdoors - Air
Garden - Earth
Bonfire/BBQ - Fire
Beach - Water

That's it folks; I've achieved Perfect Harmony and Balance w 
That's the secret to life right there; y'all can stop searching now.

Have any perfect weekend secrets you want to share?
Coffee's on. 

Next Week:  Shameful!!!   Come on, fess up!  We all have a book, movie, or song... maybe even celebrity crush that we are a bit ashamed to say we love!   I'm listening.