Good Morning and welcome to Coffee Chat!

Also, Hello my name is Leslie and sometimes I get so absorbed in a good story that I forget time, place,  basic hygiene.... and my own coffee chat.

I mean, have you ever become soooo invested in a story that you alternated between joy, happy, furious and then back to joy again?    The main character does something stupid and you literally yell at the book, or your screen if you are Kindle app user like me?   Normally I throw the book across the room when a character does something stupid and frustrates me... thank goodness my sense prevailed or I would be shopping for a new laptop today.

Literally me getting way to emotional over the marriage troubles of a couple.... who are not even freaking real!!    Seriously this story is that amazing of a roller coaster ride. 

So apologies for arriving late this week, but I rather suspect some of you get exactly what I am saying.

Please tell me I am not the only one so intent on indulging on their guilty pleasures to the point of utter distraction?

Time out for Mom

Tuesday, June 20th, 2017

Shameful!!!   Come on, fess up!  
We all have a book, movie, or song... 
maybe a celebrity crush that makes us blush? 
I'm listening.

Well I think my love of super heroes is well documented on this blog.   
So I will not go into detail about that.   Detail, meaning apology.
Honestly, I am not even sorry or ashamed at this point.

I also do have a ready to go Freebie List.    I even considered getting it laminated, I am that loyal to my celebrity husbands.    Maybe even proprietary.   Tom Hardy is incredibly talented and handsome as hell, with that bit of bad boy vibe, and that IS my jam. 

I know tattoos are not for everyone, but it's fantasy people - take a leap!   LOL

But seriously, the man can play any role.   Fight me on that.   
I must also have substance with my fantasy or it just won't work.  

No, you can't have him on your Freebie List.   He's mine.

Mostly, I really appreciate it when my faves, such as Mr. Hardy,  have a knack for picking really great stories.    And that is ALWAYS my vibe.    

GREAT STORIES will always be my guilty pleasure above all. 

I'm not opposed to a bit of smut within the tale --- not quite 50 Shades, not quite as sappy as a Harelquin: middle is good. 
The other confession is, I also write that stuff.  

Getting lost in my own characters is just as dangerous and time loss inducing these days.   I can glance up from my laptop and suddenly realize it is dark and the children need to be fed. 
No no, I am not that bad.  Don't call anyone.
And there is always frozen pizza in the freezer ---- which gives me about another 20 minutes of writing time while it cooks. 

Here is the tricky part:  it gets a little smutty.    Okay, sometimes a lot smutty.   Oh there's lots of fluffy romance feels in there too.   Also violence and language because the main character of the piece is a gangster after all.    However, I feel like sometimes we are okay with a bit of bad language and some mild violence... but writing about SEX??

Good girls don't do that. 

Except, this one does.  
And believe me, I had a hard time with that... because I am a Girl Guide Leader and a Sunday School teacher, so why I am writing about people doing the horizontal?   (actually Alfie prefers his desk often, just a warning)   

Simple.  I write about people.   And people have sex.   
It's really that simple and I think it's nigh time we stop making women feel ashamed, or dirty about it.   It's normal human behaviour and if I am going to write about them taking a walk in the park, attending a play,  or going to dinner ... then I see no reason why you cannot also write about them doing it in the car behind the theatre.   Personally, I don't necessarily enjoy the completely "vulgar" - not really my preference; but I will tell you what is going on in that car.   Sometimes I push my own limits and then sit back and think:  yep, that was too far - don't go there again.  Lesson learned. 

My motivation will always be to ensure it's a complete story.   The scenes don't exist solely to propel you towards the hot and steamy scenes.  They are not what is important in the overall telling of the tale; but they are there.

I rather feel at this point, in my mid 40s, I should have not have to explain or justify to anyone that "yes, sex happens in my stories."

Also, it's not as easy to write it as one might think.   It's a fine line to make sure it doesn't become the focus of the piece.   That the story doesn't just exist so I can get someone all twitterpated:  that's not why I write.

But I do want to make you FEEL -- everything.

I think I've already proven on this blog I can write the sentimental, the rant, the poetic, the fluffy good feels ---- this was simple the last taboo to cross.  

If you want to cross the divide:  HERE'S THE MASTERLIST TO ALL OF IT 

Yes, I have been busy while not here. 
The Still Waters fan fic based on the show Taboo is over 100,000 words now!    And it's not even finished.  
That's novel length ---  which is truly the main point of it all folks.

I CAN write a full length novel story.  I proved it to myself, and it feels really good.
Almost better than sex.  ;)

So yes stories are my guilty pleasure.  Fantasy.  Fan Fiction.  Classical.  Poetry.   You create a world and I'll come running to jump in it. 

If you don't know how to create the world and the muse strikes, I'll create it for you.  

Next Week:  Three things on your Summer To Do List.   (LAST CHAT before Summer Break!)