Good morning and welcome to Coffee Chat!

I am on the go today!!
Our Girl Guide year is coming to a close and with our year end Advancement and Camping trips, it's very busy time.
Apologies for my absence last week -- but there's just been so much to do!!   I am looking forward to a breather in two weeks.
Volunteering is a LOT of work.

The kids school also had an Open House today, so I was dashing over there and into all their classrooms, the library, the BBQ outside in the rain; and then when it was over?
This one to this place for Ju Jitsou, that one here for Brownies, this one home to do homework, forgot to drop off movies so dash back out, then go pick up everyone.

Monday's are hard.
Don't you just want to skip them some days?

I spent a lot of time today day dreaming about where I'd skip off to.

Time out for Mom

Tuesday, May 2, 1017

Finish the sentence:
If I could go anywhere today....

I will give you a hint as to how I would finish that sentence.

I'm on the ground.
Even better, sand. 
I have a view out my door.... that's not really a door.
I am breathing fresh air all around me.
There's plenty of water near.
I probably smell of fire.

Can you guess?

That's exactly where I would love to wake up tomorrow morning.
Except, not here -- because I might have some frost on my toes in my neck of the woods.  Maybe that is why she has slippers on, and he has bare feet?
Left Brain's feet never seem to get cold.
But other than that, as long as it's warm and dry - - that's where I am headed.

If you've never woken up on a beach before and within a few steps can touch the surf; boy you have have missed out on something.   Falling asleep to the sound of the waves.   Sunbeams prying your eyelids open come dawn.

Okay, that part sucks actually.  I'm not a morning person;  I'm a sunset person.   I recommend packing a good eye mask if you are the same.
But everything else is perfection.

If I can't have the tent on the beach, I am not picky.  This would be just as nice.

I believe that is one of those converted vans.   Or maybe they just threw a mattress in the back and set off.   Doesn't matter, it looks fun!!   Left Brain and I often talk about doing this once the kids have moved out.

Then we realize we will be well into our sixties.   I'm not very good at math, okay?  I didn't think about wanting to trek around the country in my retirement years and how it would also coexist with my not wanting to get married and have children until my thirties.

I think we can do it.
He want's an upgrade to a full size RV.

But we both agree on this as the rainy day alternate to tent camping.
Or empty nesters sitting in a house way too big for us.

Heck I would totally go there right now! 

I am trying to wrap this all up into some kind of neat and tidy conclusion that offers some nugget of insight into my character.   My true nature.
Do I suffer from wanderlust? 
Do I long to get back to Nature?   Free and in the wild.
Do I need a change of scenery to spark some creativity.

Hmmm, I think I just don't want to clean my house.

Maybe it's simple that it's Spring, and I just want to get Sprung. 
I am not sure what that means.

It's definitely the dirty house thing.

So, where are you going to?

Next week:  It's my birthday and Mother's Day soon... what should I do?