Good morning and welcome to coffee chat!!

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I survived the camp!!  Woot.
And thus closes another season of Girl Guides -- which hopefully now leaves me more time to open that "Blogs To Read" file I have saved in my email.

Current tally:  222

I'm gonna need a ginormous batch of coffee.
And a comfy place to sit.  Which rather leads nicely to our topic today.

Because while my coffee ain't green, my backyard coveting definitely comes in various shades of envy.

Time out for Mom

Tuesday, May 16, 2017
I'm not jealous!   
What gets you turning green?

I don't get truly jealous.
I am quite happy with my gifts and talents and I can continue working on the size of my behind (thanks for all the birthday chocolate folks!  ugh).   My motto has always been comparison is the thief of Joy. 
And that is one thing I cannot allow anyone to steal.

We should all stand proud and be who we are!

Now, that is not to say that I am not envious at times.
Like every single time I watch one of Claudia's drawing videos and she makes it look so darn easy??! 
Why can't I do that?   Why is her dot an actual dot .... and I get a blob!??
Drawing, or painting is one thing I really wish I could do.

At the end of the day though, I am thrilled to be a Word Wrangler.   Nothing pleases me more than one someone enjoys a story I have written.   Especially if they comment that they can SEE the story in their mind -- the action unfolding like a movie.  In fact, it should be a movie!!
Call me Steven Spielberg!  Christopher Nolan!   Anyone??

At this time of year, I suffer from a very serious case of Backyard Envy.
It's a thing y'all.

Here in Canada, we only get maybe four good months of lovely outdoor time.   Meaning you can wear one layer of clothing for most of the day.
Thus, we really want to take advantage of that time and Get Out!!
And it is really nice to have a great space to do Get Out Into.

Which I don't.  Not really.   My gardens make it enjoyable, but it's smack dab in the middle of a suburban subdivision - even though a cow field is across the highway behind us - and that means too many people.  And noise.   And cows.

 My Garden, My Happy Place

I also have a very bad habit of being a Backyard Peeper.
Also a thing.

Seriously, I'm gonna get arrested one day because I can't stop peeking into someone's yard and see what kind of set up they have.
Jacuzzi or pool?
All??!!!   Hello new friend!

I would love a firepit.   There is nothing better than ending a summer day with a bonfire.  I could sit forever.

Some fine examples I found courtesy of Google.

The Ultimate Bonfire Pit!

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Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen

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Having It All

Honestly, who lives like this? 
Pool. Hot tub. Outdoor kitchen. Firepit.
Oh and a big ass house you don't even really need to enter.
I'd seriously just pitch a tent on their lawn and live happily ever after.

My needs are not quite so grand.
Just a cozy place to have my coffee.   A little shelter from the sun, or rain.   A place to indulge my only green thing:  my thumb.

My dream:

A place in the shade to relax.
A place to dine.
A place to roast marshmallows.
Lots of gardening potential and a water feature instead of a pool. 
(because pools are too much work when you can only swim 2-3 months out of the year.)

Now, if someone could come build this for me, that would be swell.

Oi, it's not easy being green, that's for sure. 

Next Week:  What song reflects your mood right now?