Good morning and welcome to Coffee Chat!

Well I've just realized that's another blog title for the creepers.
I can't help it you know; they just come to me and I write them down.

And the truth is, we all have things we need get off and let out.

Like when your kids take 3.6 hours to get ready for bed and you've got to write a blog post.  Not to mention you haven't sat down since dinner 3 hours ago.
And oh yeah, you were brewing some tea, remember?

Now I love having those last moments of the day with my beautiful children, but sometimes?
Yeah, I am chanting the Go The F*ck To Sleep book in my head.

When you're done; you're just done.
And there's no use looking down your nose at me, because I know we've all been there.
There are things that finish you too.   So let's give one another a pass, hhmm?

So this is a safe place.   Got something to say?
Here's your chance --- just let it go.

Time out for Mom

Tuesday, May 30, 2017
Get something off your chest.   
No, don't throw your bra at me: 
unless it's after 7 pm and you're home for the evening, because Yes!

Well, first off I'm going to straight up confess:  My bra is off.
There.  That felt good.
because, Yes! 

Although, I did recently buy new bras and I will also confess this:  I was wearing the wrong size!!! 
Ladies, get measured.  Trust.
I am very happy to be the owner of several pretty new and lacy and properly fitted bras.

But still I am in pj's, with my tea, and it just seemed to be over dressing to keep the push up bra on, ya know?

Other than that, I am not sure I have anything to get off my chest???
It's actually been a pretty calm day... I didn't even leave the house because I was writing and doing spring cleaning.

So I guess that's the secret to avoiding stress, or conflict or like.... people.
Don't leave the house!  LOL

OH!  I did notice one thing though when I am home all day:  the amount of times my phone rings and it's a 1-800 number!!
Which means?   Telemarketers.

I don't answer.
Because that way I can't say a bad word into the phone.   Because honestly, it's 2017 and is this really a necessary practice anymore?   To disturb me in my home - not to mention how in the holy hell did you get my unlisted home number in the first place??!

Dear callers, I know you are just doing your job, but we have internet and Google and my husband has about a billion apps on his phone:  if we want something, we KNOW how to find it.
We don't need a call.

And due to my husbands profession, I happen to also know a lot of these are scams, which really irks me.  Not only are you disturbing people in the safety of their home uninvited, you also compromise that safety.

Worse of all is when you do happen to pick up, because they also have these handy little number blockers, so you have no idea if it's the school calling again to say one of your children has fallen off the monkey bars - again, and please come check for head injury.

Which totally reminds me of another issue recently irking me:  why am I coming to the school to check my child for head injury??!!   I have no Phd.  
Also, I did drop one of them once, so perhaps I'm not the best medical expert?    In my defense they are slippery little buggers when getting out of a bath.

But back to my phone and how it rings.... is there a way to stop that?

Well yes, there is a mute.   Except I do need to know if the school does call.   Because children fall.
And sometimes, it's not even my fault.

Basically I'm making another confession:  I am a Call Screener and proud of it.
Same with texts.  You either get an immediate reply, or three days later; like there is no in between.  

Whew.  Glad I got that off my chest.   Feels much better.

Why do I have a feeling at least one person is going to write about how annoying it is when people screen their calls? 
It's alright, I can take it.

Remember, Safe Place.  :)

NEXT WEEK:  What is the best compliment you've received lately?