Good  morning and welcome to Coffee Chat!
Also, Happy Easter!

Yes, I realized about an hour ago that I still had planned a Coffee Chat post on a holiday weekend.   Apologies. 
I am peeling potatoes and baking pies while typing this post. 

Thus, I will not keep you long, as I know you probably have to sneak into a corner of the house to eat that mini chocolate egg you pilfered from your child's basket.

That may just be me.

Let's let pictures do the talking for this chat because I am all about making it easy today.
And there is chocolate waiting.

Hopefully this week's assignment is fun, as it rather involves shopping.
Or Googling as I suppose is the new "window shopping."
I certainly had fun.

Also, I need all the spring boots and trench coats.

Time out for Mom

Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

I don't know why, but Spring always makes me feel 
like I need a new outfit.  
What would you buy to welcome the new Season?

The temperature varies greatly here in Canada, thus layering clothing is often still the mode of the day.  Until we get into the actual heat of summer.  
Which sees Fall like weather come when the  sun goes down.

Basically, we are always layered.

I covered it all here:    Toes to hair.
I'm all about the ensemble apparently.   Despite the fact I've been in tights and a plain, black t-shirt the entire day. 
I promise to get dressed real smart like when the cooking is done.

So here is my Spring Looks, via my newest obsession:  The Moodboard

What's your favourite look?

Feel free to share your own in picture style!

Happy Easter!

Next Week:  Describe your perfect Spring day.