Good Morning and welcome to Coffee Chat!

I may have mine on the back deck with my latest read this morning, if the sun is hitting it just right.  Because it's still a wee bit chilly here in the mornings and I'm fighting a wee bit of a cold again.

Or maybe it's allergies.  I don't know.   It's harder when you get older to know exactly what is wrong some times.    My ears hurt and my throat is sore; but I am not coughing.   And I think only one eye works.   It's too many symptoms, none of which seem related??

I'm no spring chicken anymore it seems.

Time out for Mom

Tuesday, April  25th, 2017

Describe your perfect Spring day.

Well, that is a bit of a tough one.
Basically I would just settle for Spring to fully arrive at this point.     It's rather like we have 3 seasons in one day right now.   The mornings are cold - even saw frost still the other day.   By mid-afternoon it's pretty warm out and you can lose that light jacket.    Then around supper time, you're gonna want to put that jacket back on.  Finally when the sun goes down you might even need your darn hat and mitts again.

Crazy, like how can one dress for the day?   You need to bring a carry on suitcase with you.

However, I can report that we were blessed with a rather lovely Spring-ish day on Sunday.    The wind still had a bite to it, but if you were in the sun, it actually was quite nice.   And we were in the sun, so - nice!

We spent the day at a friends farm because they had new chickens!    I mean, we like them and would have gone to see them anyway - it wasn't just for the baby chicks.
But you know, baby chicks!!

(and you thought that "spring chicken" mention above wasn't a segue! ha.)

Also, I am a complete idiot who took neither her cell phone out of her purse, or her big girl camera to this beautiful pastoral landscape complete with baby chicks, fat cats, and one friendly dog who I am pretty sure adopted me while I was there.

Thus, the stock photos.
They do say the mind is the first to go.  *eyeroll*

Anyway, you'll just have to trust me that it was quite the perfect Spring Day.
The kids - all eight of them since they have 4 and we have 3 - all ran about in green fields, and climbed haylofts, and crossed bridges over creeks, and yes... chased a few escaped chickens.

Myself and the other mom drank tea on the porch and chatted.  Sorta keeping an eye on both young broods.
Can I tell you the kids got into more trouble than the baby chicks?
Of course they did.

There was sunshine, fresh air, the odd rooster crow, and even two hawks circling above in majestic flight.
Really kicking myself that I did not have a camera.

Wait.  What?!
TWO hawks?  Circling?  Above?
Brood of baby chicks!!!

Catch them!!   Catch them all kids!!!
And that's pretty much what you do for fun on the farm.

And watch incredible sunsets.   Of which I have no photo to demonstrate.
Here's an archive shot:

 It's in the country, so it still counts. 

When the sun went down, we had planned on a bonfire, but then discovered that there currently was a fire ban.  Despite all the rain and cold temperatures?  Okay.  Seems legit??

Thus inside the house we went because as I said, dark equals hat and mitts -- which we had none.    That did not keep us from sending the men out to BBQ burgers and hot dogs though.
So we had a lovely little supper to close out a rather perfect day in the country.

Maybe it's not what I thought I might plan for the "perfect day," but honestly?
Fresh air, animals, sunshine, good company and good food.

What more do you really need?
Besides your camera.  Of course.

What would you do on a perfect Spring day?

Next Week:   Finish the sentence.  If I could go anywhere today....