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I trust that everyone survived April Fool's Day with no lasting or harmful effects?
Monkey Boy got Left Brain pretty good.   He came running into our bedroom early in the morning, holding his hand and shouting "Dad!  DAD!  I cut myself.. ooowwwwn.... I really cut myself."

Left Brain being a sleepy dad, but still a good dad, or course opened his eyes to check.  Because you know kids tend to over dramatize stuff every now and then.   And also, what exactly were you cutting at 6 am child?

Well, that's when he noticed the red dripping down onto the floor from non-dramatic child's hand, and Left Brain did the very rare non left brain thing of cursing and leaping from the bed.

Actually, nope - Psych!!  April Fool's.  It's just red food colouring!!! 
ha hahaha ha a haha haa

Mother's voice from still prone position on her side of the bed because I knew what day it was:  You'd better get that red dye off my new wood floors or imma cut you boy for real.

Yeah, mama don't get played.

Time out for Mom

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

 Foolish Me -- 
What's the silliest or craziest thing you've ever done?

Oh dear. 
How much time have you got?

Because there are three years of university life that could probably be made into a book series.   I'd sell them for the film rights of course. 

We would hitchhike back then.
Or just get into cars and go off with people we barely knew. 
Dumb. Dumb and Dumber.  

I tried to stop a knife fight once in a biker bar. 
Not many people can start a sentence like that!!! 
I ended up with some cracked ribs as thanks for trying to save a stupider friend that night. 

Really this whole section can probably be understood when you consider the location is "biker bar,", why??   Ever??
I mean, someone was literally stabbed there the previous weekend. 

Great live bands tho.   Just sayin. 

Moving On.  

This one time when my friend came to visit me at university, we went out with a whole lot of people and had a really great time.
And woke up in another country. 
Literally woke up in Detroit, USA.    
Not sure if that was silly, crazy, or we  just legit took a wrong turn somewhere?  
Probably helps to remind you that I am Canadian.    

It might also help to check out this visual aid.

How, even?
Like it's NOT a short drive.... ????

The army cadets with us couldn't remember how they had met us either.  
They were pretty sure we still owed them money for the pizza though. 
Well, sure. 
I had nothing in my pockets but stacks of stickers for a local radio station.
Because of course. 

I'm also fairly certain that most of these silly, crazy and just plain unwise events share the common denominator of tequila.    
Which I must warn you is a very tricky, sneaky substance.   You think you only do one, maybe two shots... but it somehow sneaks about 5 more in a back door or something. 

That's why I stick to wine now.
And rarely. 

I don't think Left Brain would find it a very amusing joke if I called him one night morning to come get me. 
And to bring his passport. 

Listen, I know NONE of this was smart, or even cool and I definitely worked my guardian angel overtime.   Pretty sure the poor thing had to seek retirement when I finally grew up.  

Although all my stories would definitely make for interesting reading; and also I think Kristen Stewart should play the movie version of me ----  but the more important thing is that I did eventually grow up.   I'm glad I had my fun and a little bit of recklessness when I was young.
ONE thing I will note is that my girls and I ALWAYS kept a close eye on each other.  We had a pact we never let anyone leave a bar with a stranger, or anything like that.   We made sure to keep an eye on anyone (me) who was a little too tipsy.   So, we were not totally irresponsible and crazy; someone was always the designated sober and ever watchful protector.  

Well, except that time we all wanted to ride motor bikes with the bikers. 
I mean, you hang at a biker bar and it's bound to happen, right?
But yeah, that one was just plain stupid.    Don't do that.

 Especially because it will be really, really awkward a couple of years later when you are working in a male prison, and several of them are actual "guests."   
Like that's a very awkward second impression, ya know?

Seriously, I should write a book.  
It will of course be free of charge to all mothers of daughters. 
Done anything crazy lately?

Next Week:   It's Angel Girl's birthday today.  What advice would you go back and give your 10 year old self?