If you thought they all flew South for the Winter, think again!

Excuse the snowy nature of the pictures, but it was hella snowy. 

And one raven in a tree.
Wonder what he is telling me?

Probably wondering if I finally got that new tattoo yet.
Why yes Mr Raven, I did!

It's a little bigger than I had originally planned, but worth it for the amazing detail the artist was able to include.  LOVE.    I know they are not for everyone, but I have been thinking a LONG time about getting one.    The only thing that had been holding me back, was worrying what people might think or say.   Well, I decided being the ripe age of almost 46 -- that was ridiculous.   So I did it!

There will be fallout, I am certain.
I'll try to find a care to give.  :)