Good Morning and welcome to Coffee Chat!!

I have a hoot of a treat to go with your coffee today.

Oh my gosh isn't it adorable!!   An Owl cake, shut up.

One of the reasons why I have been a bit scarce and more than a little scatter brained of late, is that I assumed the responsibility for a second Girl Guide unit in the new year.   Which meant I have ages 7- 8 on Monday nights, and then ages 5 - 6 on Thursday nights.  My daughters had their respective groups on Tuesday nights.  GAH!!!

So yeah, it's been a bit busy around here the last couple of months, but tonight was my last night filling in for the Brownie Leader on Monday nights.   It was a lovely time and I had a lot of fun with the girls!!   Sleepovers and nature walks and .... yeah, I even eventually learned to appreciate some crafts.

Fairy houses are fun!

It was very simple to make:  just cut a plastic bottle in half, cut a door in the side, then cut two round pieces of wood, drilling a hole in each one, attach the top and bottom with the "house" in the middle using a wooden dowel.   And then decorate accordingly.   Easy.

The fairy was made with pipe cleaner (body, yarn (hair), Styrofoam ball (head) and the flowers from a lei for the skirt.  Add other details as you like. 

I'm not really a fairy person and we had some leftover modeling clay from another project, so I made a little something for myself...

A garden troll!!
The girls named him Donald.
(honestly, I had no part in that.)

Anyway, it was nice to have the opportunity to invest in the lives of these young girls the past couple of months.   When you take the time to show people that they matter, you contribute to their sense of self.

And that's a very important matter to young girls!

Time out for Mom

Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

What is your go to Confidence Booster?

I know I said sewing into the fabric of the lives of these girls goes a long way to determining who they become.  And that is both true and important. 

However, the side effect is, I receive a kind of blessing too.   It simply feels good to be a part of something.    In answering the call to serve them in such a manner, it rather confirms my own purpose in life too.   That I can make a difference.   I can impact another.   Quite simply:  there IS something I can do in this world that is worthwhile!!

I called this post "Do What Feels Good," and that sounds rather libertine when you first voice it.    That is because people supply the unheard "whatever."
As in:  Do WHATEVER feels good. 

No. That's not the point.   Because we all know some things feel good in the moment, and then the next moment is you with your head in the toilet while someone holds back your hair and laughs as they also tell the story of how you danced on the speaker onto you fell off into the crowd of dancers. 
Not that this happened, of course.  Hypothetical.   

No, this is all about doing things which have a LASTING kind of good.  Not the kind that might bring a blush to your face or a paternity suit gentlemen.  

Even though I have been busy with crafts up to my butt, I have been doing a lot of writing.  The stories just keep coming.  And I have to write them down: They Will Out.  Otherwise the characters nag me inside my brain and then I tend to walk around telling them to be quiet and getting funny looks from strangers.  Not Good. 
I received such a good response to the fan fiction story I wrote, that readers begged me to do another one.  And then another one on a different theme. 

I've discovered that I've enjoyed meeting the challenge.  It used to be a terrifying thing to released my words into the world.  Now I find the more I do it, not only do I enjoy it more, but my confidence grows each time I face that fear.   Each time I sit down, the words arrive when I require them, and it gets easier each time. 
Until, it isn't.

But that's okay.  I've learned that they will return.  

An excerpt from a recent story:

The fire had died down to embers casting an ethereal glow upon her features.   Watching her silently a truth dawned upon him: she seemed to naturally understand the significance of things.   

See into the life of things.

The thought came to him that if she were a book, he’d devour the pages in a single sitting.  His fingers returning to trace the inked words every now and then.  Kindness would be its language and he imagined he would feel the coldness slowly leaving his heart as the warmth of her words sunk into his being.   In giving her his trunk of truth, had his father foreseen these moments?   Surely he must have known that his death would inevitably cast them together.   Tonight he was glad for a respite from the angry tension he’d carried within him.   Though he still harbored the resentment towards his father; perhaps it was slowly melting away.
James shook his head, the memory of his youthful times with his father bittersweet.   The happy memory felt like an intruder inside the vault of his less pleasant recollections.  The angry thoughts he had nursed for so many years.  They pressed against the door of his mind, unwilling to be made homeless.   She could see the inner struggle waging war in the way his hand rubbed his forehead alongside the temple, as though he could wish the sorting of his mind into fruition.

In the context of this particular story, the character James returns to old and familiar patterns of behaviour when he is stressed, frustrated, fearful,  or simply lost.   It was the wrong path in his past, and it's still the wrong path in his present; the future hangs in the balance.   More confusing is that he doesn't return to those things because they feel good - in fact; they are destroying him.  But it is what he knows.   Not until he sees the possibilities of something better, will he have a chance for a happier future.  

I used to struggle in the flow of words from mind to page.  It did not feel good.   It was scary and a doubting needy thing.   But the creation of the piece?  That indeed felt good.  And I had to find my own healthy pattern of choice that fostered that creative atmosphere.   And then the hardest part:  stick to it.  Even when others tell me it's useless, silly, trivial.   I stick to my creative process not just because it feels good; but because It Is Mine.   Now I find the words just rather tumble forth.    And it feels good!   To knit them together so that they bind true to the piece.  

At the end of the day, do you honour what it is that feels good?  I mean really good for you in a lasting improvement kind of way; and maybe even those around you.     Or do you settle for something a little less in your precious unstructured pieces of time?

You see the bottom line to all of this is that you are not simply doing what feels good.

You are actually DOING GOOD to your feelings.

And that my friends is a very important distinction because it means that you are not only finding what feels good, but also finding YOU.

And nothing is a better confidence booster than discovering you are worth it. 

Next Week:  Foolish Me -- What's the silliest or craziest thing you've ever done?