Good day and welcome (back) to Coffee Chat.
My apologies to all last week when I lived up to my blog title and was truly Ink Interrupted!

There was still of course coffee.
Lots of coffee and head banging and I'm not gonna lie, a few bad words.
Okay, a lot of coffee.  Also bad words.

Anyway, I am happy to be back and jumping right back into the topic this week.
Oh the irony that we are talking about Trust.

Because dear Technology, I have trust issues.

Time out for Mom

Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

 Who do you trust most?

This is the conversation where love and faith collide.
Since I identify as a Christian, the answer should quite simply be: God.
Except, oh gosh.... I am ooooh soooo HUMAN.   And thus, often I don't.
Or maybe that it's more that I don't trust my own idea of what God is.
Or, what He wants of me.  Or even quite simply, does for me. 

It's not simply a Doubting, but often a "did I hear that right?'
Did I hear it at all?  AM I even listening to Him?

It's not easy to trust in a thing unseen.   In a love that often is not something tangibly felt.
I cannot actually feel His arms around me when I need it most.
Sometimes, you just need a hug to know it's all going to be okay.

Why is Trust even necessary?   Is it not easier to just depend on your own self/strength/smarts/devices?

Trust is learned at a very young age.  From that first hungry cry you made and mommy produced either breast or bottle, you learned about Trust.
And what happened?   A bond was formed.

On the flip side, if you were left crying in your crib for hours, your experience with trust... and subsequently love, is going to look very different.  And so will the bond.

Our experiences with trust certainly shape how we move in this world.   Betrayal shapes our expectations.   Perhaps it also warns us to certain dangers?  Mommy not being reliable with a loving touch when you have a nightmare in the deep of night, might just help you to spot that significant other who doesn't truly have your best interest at heart.

I think normally we assume that most people are like us, thus if you are a trustworthy individual, you naturally default to assume the same of others.   If you would sell your own mother to the devil for all the riches in the world, I expect that you also will assume that no one else is to be trusted in this world.

Wow.  Lonely?

I think having the trust factor established in a healthy manner early on definitely allows us that six sense to detect dishonesty.   As well as also providing us with those Good Feelings when we know that someone is trustworthy.  It feels good to place that trust and have it paid back.  Validated.  Bonded.

For me, I am not going to rely on something so simple as "oh, he looks like he has a honest face."
No, I want it tried, tested and true.
In the area of God, I have to say it's never failed.   But then again, He IS God, right?
I do believe He has my best interest at heart and desires a full, happy and good life for me.

I would bet good money and my Captain American shield that Left Brain feels the same.  Although sometimes he may fail in the delivery.   Since he's not an actual Supreme Being, but only human, I think I can extend a little grace in most failings.  As I would hope he would also.  
Marriage is the place where actions speak louder than words, and thus far,  Left Brain's voice and deeds are loud and clear.  Bonded.

Thus far, I count myself pretty well blessed in life that in matters of both Faith and Love, I seem to have placed my Trust in most worthy of subjects.

And it does feel pretty darn good.
What if that is actually the secret to life??!

Next Week:  Someone you miss?