Good morning and welcome to Coffee Chat!
Today is love day!!!
Hug someone and tell them you love them.  Maybe bring them a cup of coffee.
Because nothing says I Love You like here have some jet fuel.


I fear I have not been very good at showing love lately.
I am so far behind on blog reading that I have had to do the unthinkable and just delete my blog reading list.   This is only the second time I have done this and it never feels good.
But Life, ya know?
Forgive me bloggers for I have sinned, it's been one week since my last post!!
Girl Guide sleepovers keep happening and I keep needing an entire day to recover. 

And winter illness that just comes slamming everywhere.
Especially during Girl Guide Sleepover camps where girls wake up with sick tummies and as you help them all you can think is I just got over one myself please not again.

Yeah, good luck with that.

So Monday comes and that's a good day to get back in the swing, right??   Got yourself all caught up on what's been left to falter.
Nope.  Snow Day.  Here have all the children.  Ugh.

But that's the point is it not?   Choosing to love through all the yuckiness.
That's when it's most important to stick

So today, while the children are forced to play in all that fresh snow, let's focus on a few things we love.

Time out for Mom

Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

LOVE.   What, or Who are you lovin' lately?

Well clearly despite their never ending demands, whining and often displays of ingratitude, my children are the truly best and most joyful aspects  in my life.    I'd include Left Brain but he is pretty good about not whining, so he gets his own category.  Because the coffee bringing is no small thing either.

It's funny but I am struggling with this post in terms of pinning down what exactly I love.   I mean, I KNOW ... but yet, it's not flowing.   I find myself questioning if coffee and a good camera angles should be on the list. 

Or the way a good song can just life my entire soul out of the depths of feeling LESS, and also make me dance around my kitchen despite the eyerolls of aforementioned children.

The deep sigh of satisfaction upon turning the last page of a book you just know is going to remain under you skin for quite some time.   And yet right after, the need to devour another and so also get lost once more.

The child in me cheering when Captain America throws that shield and takes out a evil murderbot.   Or the somewhat grim satisfaction when Daryl takes out another Walker in a really badass cool  manner.

Like, what are those things?   They seem so trivial.
Family,  Friends,  Peace, the World.    Those are worthy things, because of course they are on this list.
But they are not the always the things that are at the forefront of our minds as we trip along our hardest, or even most joyful days.
Yet, they are important, are they not?   The minutiae that adds a little colour to the otherwise gray landscape.

And it's so personal.  There's a reason why you might have furrowed your brow and went all "huh??!" when I mention a zombie show -- because that is not your thing.   But, you do have a Thing.  Several.  Perfectly tailored to you and I might not understand.
Except, I know it is most necessary to your overall enjoyment of this life.   So I don't question it.  Just as I don't want mine questioned.

We love what we love.  The reasons are as varied and deep as our own true natures.
Whether it's familial, romantic or experiencing a beautiful landscape, or work of Art.
Far more than our brains needing this stimuli, are hearts seemed hard wired to seek such attachments out.    To Be Filled.

It's simple, and it's complex.   We constantly attempt to define it, and yet it cannot be defined.  This. Feeling.
It cannot be measured, observed and held:  and yet we so firmly believe in it.
It's the thread woven through all our interactions in this world -- or, at least it should be.   It does not leave,  when the person or object does - it lingers on.

I must conclude that we have these little attachments because Love should be a daily practice.   Sure it's just a good TV show or an upbeat song or a beautiful picture, but it's also us opening up to the possibility and the beauty around us.   Allowing it to have space within our sometimes heavily guarded world.
The more you open yourself up to people and things, the easier it becomes to move through this world as Love as your guide.   There's no need to put things in perfectly ordered boxes...  let the boxes overflow!!!

Let the love flow.

And after saying all that, I am going to enjoy something I very much love with hot cup of java.

Mmmmmm, Quality!!
Dibs on the Toffee Pennies.   :)

Next Week: Who do you trust most?