Good morning and welcome to Coffee Chat.

First time I had to go find a coffee image in several weeks!   I've been slacking and better remedy that pronto!

I'm still under the weather folks, as you may have noted by my lack of posts the past week.    I'm not really sure if' it is cold or flu or something else; but there is an unrelenting exhaustion that is at the core.   I've had low iron before and that could be the culprit.   So for now I am just resting an awful lot - like seriously so prone that I  - who have barely missed a day of exercise in the past 2 years - have not exercised at all this past week.

That is shocking.
But perhaps my body simply just needs a good rest.
I should probably listen to it, but I actually dislike being so inactive.
And our life is busy and I cannot just Full Stop.

But I am trying to give myself permission to just rest.  To Listen.
Be patient with my needs.

It's totally on topic today my friends.

Time out for Mom

Create a phrase or statement, that you carry 
with you throughout the coming year.

I don't typically choose a word at the beginning of the year in the sense of if becoming a theme.   I already have my own personal mantras like Be Present, Be The Change, Be Kind; you know basically "hey don't be a dick in this life."    

I think we all are made of darkness and light and sometimes it takes a little time and growth to find our way in this world.   Especially one with ever increasing shades of gray.   
Sometimes I am impatient with myself; sometimes I am impatient with others.   But we all travel at our own pace.   Not all of us choose those steps wisely.   The most important thing is to watch our own steps less we falter. 

I don't know about you, but I falter.  Especially this past week when I have been so feeling .... like just Nothing.   I fear my family and house might be left by the wayside!   Except, I should ask myself:  how would I respond if one of them were sick?
You know I'd be worried sick mama trying to do all she could.   Stressing that they get better soon, but knowing it takes time and just doing What Needs To Be Done.  

Why expect any less from my own self?
Because the thing is, IF I practice it with ME --- I am more likely to afford the same to YOU. 

One does not come out of box all growed-up and aware!!
No, the pages of our life are filled slowly and turned to a new one in their own timing. Until one day the entire story is complete.

 Growth (and healing) take time.   You can only expect someone to communicate with you at your level, if they have already grown to that level on their own.   Reading your page is not the same as putting the stuff of life down on their own page.

So, be patient with their pages.

Here's my mantra:

Do you have a personal mantra?

Next Week:   Random time!!   Just let your thoughts fly.