Good morning and welcome to Coffee Chat.
(did you hear that, because it was totally a croaking whisper.)

So Monday morning (when I write this post for Tuesday) finds me still feeling a bit under the weather.    My uterus decided to get very angry as well, so there's that.   Sorry male lurkers, but welcome to our world where just having a cold is not enough, might as well throw your entire body into Full On Pain Management Mode.

What I mean is, I am writing this post under the influence folks.    Advil and Dayquil are in my cup this morning.   Should be interesting to look back on this in a few months.

I've got my lovely smelling candle nearby to help with positive and calming thoughts, so perhaps it's just best to get straight to the topic today.

Time out for Mom

 Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

 Is there anything special you are looking forward to in 2017?

So as promised, I will keep this short and sweet today due to my crazy brain bouncing back and forth between this topic, the latest episode of FXs Taboo, and why cats insist on having their baths Right Freakin Beside You!

It's a truly scary mess in my head today folks.

What I am looking forward to in 2017 is our summer vacation because Hopefully we will be journeying to the East Coast of Canada!    We haven't planned the entire route just yet, but basically the kids want to actually dip their toes in the ocean -- so we will end up somewhere along the coast no doubt.

My choice?
(and you'll have to excuse that these are not MY photographs because well, I haven't got there yet to take any!)

Look at that!!
That is gorgeous.   I need that in my camera lens!!
The kids would freak to see those rocks.

Imagine if we saw this too?!

Because that could happen!!

I have been to Nova Scotia myself, and done a whale watching tour.   We did see some a ways off - but not this close.    However, I am not sure that our journey would take us all the way to Nova Scotia.     Although I really would like to get a picture like this with the family!

That's me and a friend in front of Peggy's Cove lighthouse.   A really exciting tourist spot if you ever get the chance -- just stand WAY back from the rocks please.   A person was swept into the ocean while we there and the Coast Guard had to rescue them. 

We will likely find a place to camp, rather than stay in hotels because I want the kids to actually SEE our beautiful country.   Plus, when it's nice in Canada and the air doesn't hurt your face -- you get outside!  Bay of Fundy has an actual National Park where you can camp, so it seems a good option.   However, there are literally hundreds of places we could choose all over the Maritime provinces and they all have spectacular views.   I don't think we can really choose wrong.

Thus, Left Brain and I have some research and planning to do.   Which means he does, being the Left Brain'd one after all.  I do laundry and pack.  And Snacks.  And choose the music.  Those are my gifts.  

So I am pretty excited about this!!  Even though 3 children will be coming along.  Ha.
They are pretty use to long hours in the car thanks to our trips North -- which are oddly about the same distance as this one East.   I really hope we can make this happen!

What exciting plans will you be making for the new year?

Next Week:  Create a phrase or statement that you would like to carry with you throughout the coming year.