I apologize that I have not been around to visit your blogs yet this week, or those of you participating in the Fill Ins -- but it's been a busy week preparing for a Girl Guide Sleepover Camp.

Which means I am currently hiding somewhere in the dark corners of a church basement, from over a dozen young girls, to get this post done.

Hide and Seek Level: Master!
They probably gonna find me....

Whatcha doin?
And if that ain't the true word of life with a cat.   He's either winding around my legs or rubbing against my face while in down dog.

So I'd better be quick today in sharing some recent Art.
As always tends to happen, Art is often inspired by Life, which if you know anything about me results in  Artful Living.

But first you gotta go find the Art.

 A purchase I made from a young man at a Native Reserve in Northern Ontario this summer.   This is how he explained the print.

The spirit bird is flying in the sky. This spirit bird has been summoned by a shaman to come visit. The circle is the chant the shaman is singing. The shaman is praying, and the symbols in the wings of the spirit bird is what is being asked.
“Have you a chant in your heart that is calling your spirit guide for help?”

Yes!!  I don't want to hide... I am always seeking!

 Then you get inspired and let it flow.

into the slumbering birch I murmur my ballad
behind great conquering eyes the wolf howls back
he sings and I sing;  the melody echoed
among the bark and the boughs -
through sunlight and sap,
proudly displayed golden
within these sacred woods, sighing all around
and trembling at the tones - I lie in wait,
until the spirit guide calls; 
or the evening star melts away

 And get inspired some more.
Remember how I said I wanted a new tattoo?   Do you know how many tattoo images are on Google?    The struggle is real.
So.... I decided to design my own by combining several ideas I saw together into one image.

Also remember, I cannot draw... this is the rough concept only.  I will get some other more talented person to draw the real image.

 A raven feather quill - because I write.   The raven is the messenger that brings the words.
And the wolf because wolves are cool right?     I might change that image because I rather feel more related to the Lynx.   Who is an animal that hides in wait.  Patiently.  Still.  

Okay, better run before they wreck this beautiful old church.
Pretty sure it's snack time anyway :)

Happy Arting!