There's a post that I have been meaning to do and I am afraid it rather got lost in the shuffle of writing month craziness.    It's one of those posts that you want to give absolute Due Diligence, thus not meant to be squeezed between scenic beach shots (although they do rather qualify) and stories of British gangsters.

I thought the holiday season might just be the perfect time for this type of post, as it is about Happiness.   Unfortunately, I am all too aware that many are not experiencing all is calm all is merry and bright feelings this time of year.    Not myself though.  I tend to drip Joy.
Others find it most annoying at times.

As soon as my favourite man blogger and life coach nominated me, I knew it was a challenge I would take.    Eli over at Coach Daddy has the most amazing way of waking you up to the things that matter with his words of wisdom and many answered questions.   I also really appreciate that I might get a taco or pancake recipe when I visit.

Like I said, the things that matter.

Today, I’m accepting his challenge for The Happiness Tag.
As part of it, I’m to list:
  • Five things that make me happy.
  • Five songs that make me happy.
  • Five bloggers who make me happy, and notify them of their nomination.


1.    The Great Outdoors.    I need it..... I mean, it is AIR after all.

2.   Art.    Whether it's music, or a photo, a great story either read or on a big screen:   I think Art is a very important and vital element to our lives.   It  Inspires.  Creates dialogue.   Most importantly it often highlights our shared experience and humanity.   Storytelling is our oldest method of communicating and connecting.   Cave drawings really were the first Instagram.

3.   Coffee.   I'd be lying if it didn't make the list.

4.   Family.   Obviously and self explanatory. 

5.  Being a Blessing.     Confused, frustrated and angry at the world?   Go find a place to serve another -- I promise you a change of attitude and perspective will grow within your heart.


*I'll provide links to the songs, if you are so inclined to go have a listen.*

1.   The greatest band I ever saw perform live - U2!!

One of my favourite songs is Red Hill Mining Town  - I'm not exactly sure why.   The lyrics are utterly brilliant.   The bass and guitar lines sublime.   And Bono's voice is just so much emotion.   It's not a particularly happy song perhaps, but it just stirs something within me that lingers.

2.   This song is just Beautiful.  All. Around. Lovely.   The guitar, his voice - but most importantly these lines:

When you smile at me I'm inclined to believe everything's right
Dark turns to light with your eyes and it's a beautiful world

Aidan Hawken:  Beautiful World

You're welcome.

3.    This next one is My Anthem!    I must dance when this song starts to play on my iPod.  And my girls come running too.    Who doesn't want to be where the wild things are?

Alessia Cara - Wild Things

Come on, let's gather round and rebel rouse! 

4.    Best. Disney. Song. Ever.   Little Britches.

I mean how can you NOT love this song?!!   Besides the eternally catchy tune, the words are actually quite profound.

The Jungle Book:  Bare Necessities.

5.   You know the list had to have one sentimental one.  One gushy mushy come here and kiss me forever.    I start crying as soon as the guitar starts strumming.   That's how you know a song will stay with you forever.

Also, Gerard Butler sings it in the movie PS I Love You.   Shirtless.  With a Guitar.

Again, you're welcome.

The Pogues - Love You Till The End

Since this is the holiday season and most of you are probably busy enough enjoying the time with family and friends -- or just extremely busy.... and honestly, I am terrible at tagging because The Simple Truth is this:   You ALL make me happy!!!    If I visit your little corner of the world, you can rest assure that you are in fact someone who makes me happy.

So you can all consider yourself tagged.   💕