Christmas is almost here!!!

Which means I won't likely be here much over the next two weeks.
I'll be knee deep in children and discarded boxes and wrap... and wine if Santa can take any kind of hint.

I'm busy trying to find new and interesting ways to keep them entertained over the two week break.   Since my kids are getting older, they have become increasingly interested with social media.
Of course NONE of them have any social media, as yet - with the one exception of my 12 year old Monkey boy using Snapchat. 
It's the only one allowed to be used within his school, thus I relented.

Being an excellent and wise parent of course, I tried the app for myself first.

I. Don't. Get. It.
What. Is. The. Point?

I am sooooooo not a selfie a day person.  
Like please check your vanity.

However, when I received a "Snap" from my son.... I quickly then understood they were not just regular selfies.
And then the fun began.   And the girls of course had to join in.

I still don't really get.    But, I got it.
Just don't expect me to be there very much either.