Twas the Night Before Christmas Eve.... and all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring...

All. Lies.
Everything is moving!

Mama is stirring the chocolate, oatmeal and coconut to make haystakes -- sweating over the heat of an oven busy baking one apple pie.  
Her other hand is slapping children's fingers away from the shortbread cookies cooling on the rack.
Monkey Boy is running about, nnooo.... now he's in the shower  *blood curdling screams from the basement bathroom* 
Whoops!   Probably should stop the dishwasher until he's done.   He's off to his very first school friend party at a girls' home.    Left Brain will drive home -- and most likely be ignored for the first time ever upon drop off. 
If I was a betting woman.... ha.

Even the cat is pawing a stray green bean around the wood floor under my feet.
Like seriously.... he's fascinated by this darn green bean. 

My tea grows cold on the counter.  Forgotten.
I loaded my iPod with Christmas music --- and forgot to turn it on.

This is the chaos of the night, the night before Christmas.   My last minute hustle and bustle so tomorrow I can drink wine... instead of doing the whining.   Christmas Eve we will be hosting a dinner and I think I can say all the last minute stuff is done.   Just the turkey to cook and my mom will help with that.

That picture above is rather like my 3 kids... faces all pressed together, waiting.  The anticipation building.    Where did mommy hide the presents this year?  

(Ha - give it up kids,  I used to work in a prison and do cell searches for contraband: you'll never find my hiding spot.  I learned from the best.  Er... the worst?)

And amidst all this crazy busy, I love the excitement that is building within them.  I mean, yes -  I have over 1000 nerves in my body and they are on every last one too -- but when you step back and see their bright eyes and hopeful faces:  it's so very hard not to catch the Holiday Fever they got.

So take time my dear readers, to feel the joy and wonder of the holidays.  
I hope that Joy, Peace and Love surrounds you --- even in the midst of any chaos.

It's not likely that I will be posting again until after the holidays,  so a very Merry Christmas to all of you!