Good morning and welcome to Coffee Chat, where the coffee and the chat is always hot and ready.

Wave hello to the creepy lurkers everyone!
I'd better just fix myself up a bit for them, right?
I mean, I did dress up my blog for the holidays - might as well get my festive on too. 

That image is a very accurate portrayal of how my mornings begin.
That is, after I have made 3 lunches, got 3 kids fed, dressed and off to school.
I am not the mom dressed to the nines at the bus stop - trust me.
Some days, I do wish I was an early riser.... but then I realize:  well heck, I'd be awake then.

Especially days such as today where you wake up and begin the process, only to realize it's actually a Snow Day.
Free coffee for moms - can we wish that into being?

Wishes are hard sometimes.
Not so easy as just spy a star and let your dreams take flight.

Some days, I simply wish for lots of laughter, and then boom!
You find a little treasure like this:

I seriously darn near peed my pants.
Which would  have been very embarrassing since I was sitting in church during the first viewing of this video.

So that's what I am wishing for y'all this holiday season.
That things not only be merry and bright; but perhaps a little simpler too.
Back to the awe and wonder seen through a child's eyes.
May love and kindness guide your steps, and a bit of humour break any falls.
For myself, I just wish to continue being present and purposeful as I move through this holiday season.  Seeking the beauty and turning it all into some kind of living Art.    The Tapestry of Life ever weaving.
I'd be lying if I didn't say I am wishing for a quiet and restful season - I think we are due after 10 years of busy as a family.

Other than that, I'm gonna eat the sweets and walk in the snow, and if that's not a good grasp of a balanced life... well then; you're wrong.   😁

So go ahead and Let It Snow!
I got my tree up, the fireplace is lit, and the coffee is on.
Am I missing sunset beaches still?

My favourite colour looks pretty darn lovely in winter too. 

Time out for Mom

Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

 If you could make ONE holiday wish this year, 
what would it be?

SEE YA BACK HERE IN 2017!   (Remember chat prompts are listed monthly HERE.)

Tuesday, January 10th, 2017I'm not one for resolutions, but I do hope I never stop learning.   What was your biggest lesson learned in 2016?