Good morning and ...... you know what?   I got so much snow y'all.
My hot cup of java done turned into an Ice Capp!

If you are wondering why my coffee cup is sitting on my snow covered front porch in the first place, it's because I get thirsty when shoveling mounds of snow.   Duh.
Because buses are cancelled, but the van has snow tires for a reason and you're going to school kiddos as soon as mama can get rid of this giant gift of snow left by the City Snow Removal Experts at the end of the driveway.  

I believe it's over 25 cm predicted to fall, from when it started Sunday to Tuesday morning.
Honestly, that's not really anything for this neck of the woods. 

 So of course, after I was done driving the kids to school - special thanks dude who turned left from the centre lane and cut me off - then did the shoveling,  I went inside where the warmth and hot coffee beckoned... but did I stay?
I grabbed my camera and proceeded to Meet My Challenge!

It's basically just a lot of things covered in Snow.   And yes it all looks foggy because that's what happens to camera lenses in the wet and cold.
Welcome to Winter Photography in Canada.

Whoops - forgot a Halloween Decoration!

It will be fine kids.  It's just a bit of snow around the car.   I can dig it out.
You. Are. Going. To. School

Then I proceeded towards my garden in search of other forgotten Summer things.

And of course, you just gotta leave a snow art on your spouse's car.
He was giving the middle finger salute to Winter, but since children were present, I had to smudge the gesture.
But I know what he's thinking.

Then it was back inside for a cup of HOT coffee and some oatmeal to warm me bones, followed by an indoor photography session that dirtied almost every single tea cup and coffee mug I own.
Totally worth it.

But I'll save some for next week!

As for gratitude, I am thankful for Left Brain thinking spouses who had the hot oatmeal cooking on the stove when you come back indoors.   And who go outside and finish the shoveling so you can take pictures of coffee cups all over the house.

Time out for Mom

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Update your challenge.  
Or in honour of American Thanksgiving, 
tell us what you're thankful for right now. 

How are you doing on that challenge, and/or what are you Thankful for today?