Good morning and welcome to the Coffee Chat!

So that's probably my view right now.
A cup of coffee and a dotted line.

Although not exactly my view because that's not my photo.    I mean, I'm driving - I can't take a photo!!
So already, not succeeding at my challenge to take more of my own pictures.   In my defense I am in Travel Mode and thus:  I do not even have my camera with me.

It's a quick 17 hour drive for a 3 hour surprise party folks.
Because that's just how I roll.
(no, I'm not rolling actually.  this is hell - someone save me.  I don't do stuck in car for hours well at all.)

In truth, I had to schedule this post because I will not be arriving back home until late Monday night, or very early Tuesday morning.
Also, it's wine in my cup.
And I'm very tired, but I still gotta paint my toenails.
Go to a party with bare toenails??!!   Surely you jest?

Time out for Mom

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

You can take these November chats to update about your 
personal task for the month, or;   
share a Currently post:  
what you're reading, listening, watching, eating, wearing, etc.

So this is my "Currently" chat post.   I am packing, typing, painting and drinking a lovely red in my favourite crystal glass goblet.    I have to be up at 5 am to hit the road.

My mom did give me a Jodi Piccoult novel to read when it's not my turn to drive, so I can update you on that later.
I probably won't read it during the drive.   I'm a stare out the window and watch other people in their cars kinda gal.
And that's not creepy at all --- if you're a writer; it's just Research.

Or I'm watching Mad Max Fury Road, or Captain America Civil War, or you know, The Princess Bride on the DVD because.... 17 FREAKING HOURS PEOPLE. 

Since I know the road that lays before me due to several previous trips, I can share my view taken with my own camera,

Don't worry about me - I am among the wilds and the wonders of Nature!
The only difference is that I imagine all the green will be infused with golds, reds, oranges and yellows.   And I bet it is spectacular.

Did I mention I don't have my camera?

How goes your Challenge?

Next Week:   Update your challenge.  Or in honour of American Thanksgiving, tell us what you're thankful for right now.