Good Morning and welcome to Coffee Chat with your host Rory/Leslie; or I'll also answer to "hey you, do you want more coffee?"

~ a little bokeh edit on my coffee shot!  

So Thanksgiving is officially over, although I suspect some of you might be Web Deep in Cyber Monday deals today.    Nothing like a little retail therapy to help with the holiday food coma.

I've started decorating the house for holidays and played my first Christmas song today too.  Normally I wait for December 1st, but really what's a few days when we are talking about JOY!

I also found out that we won FIRST PLACE with our Candyland float during our town's Santa Claus Parade this weekend.   Yeah Girl Guides!!

You can see a bit of my gumdrop tree right here.
Crafing. Hell.   Don't even get me started, it will suck the joy out of the post.

Other than that, I've been busy trying to meet my two challenges this month:  Writing and Photography!!
So how did I do?

Time out for Mom

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

 So how did you do on your monthly personal challenge.  
You don't have to provide personal details, 
or the nature of your particular challenge -- 
just let us know how you did, and your overall thoughts.

I mentioned before that I did finish my Peaky Blinders Fan Fiction and it is 20 Chapters - just about 50,000 words!!   Whew.   I may feature a few chapters here to finish off the NaNoMoWri posts, but I know most of you are probably not familiar with one Mr. Alfie Solomons.
A preview perhaps?

Good lawd.   I'd fall right over if faced with that gaze.   *le whimper*
Mr. Tom Hardy, he who can literally play any role Ladies and Gentleman.
But honestly, it's a fantastic, rather mysterious character who is brilliant at interrogations and negotiations.    I'd totally tell him anything.   :)

I've also been working on the Advent passages for my church this month -- you can see the first one on Hope HERE.

In an effort to do more photography and writing combined, I have stepped up my game on my Instagram this month.   It had been getting a bit dusty over there over the summer months while I was outside increasing my freckle count.    Now that I've added a few Deep Thoughts with my images; I am enjoying it a little more.    I just can't post and run I guess.

You will note there is another coffee and writing image of my own creativity and inspiration. In your face Challenge!
And there are more images to come over the next couple of weeks.  

So overall, well.... quite frankly I'm exhausted and could use a good pre holiday nap!
However in addition, I also feel wonderfully creative, inspired and like I am living my true self.  Seeing beauty and Art everywhere.    ALIVE!

These are busy times.  These are troubling times.   It all adds up and can weigh heavily on our hearts and minds.  Keep us hurried and worried.    That's why it's so important to grab onto the moments and things that fill our hearts with joy, peace and hope for the future.

I am a firm believer:  what your  mind dwells upon, there your heart will also be.   So fill that tank up with the good stuff and let it carry you ever onward!

Next Week:   Let's get in the Holiday Spirit.   Get in My Belly!!!   Time to share that favourite holiday recipe!    Cocktails totally count.