Have you tried using Steller yet?


I love the option of telling a story with my photos.
For someone who writes and takes photos; it's the perfect merger. 
(open the slideshow, use the arrows to advance through the photos in the story)

Truthfully, it can be a bit more time consuming than simply posting a picture on Instagram. That's the Post and Dash method - which yes, still gives you a chance to show your amazing Life in Photos. But you know me, I like to go a little deeper every now and then.

Steller gives that option to actually TELL the story behind the photos.
So while it's not a "pic a day" type app, it does allow me to create a nice collection of a certain period of time.    You can add text, photos, and videos to your story.   And I do highly recommend mixing the medias up to make your story the most interesting.  I love that I can add music to some of my photos - to just set the mood if you will. 
Or, you can just leave the crackling of the bonfire to speak for itself too.
Because honestly, what is a better soundtrack than crackling logs??!

You can see where I animated my cover/title pages in the Autumn Aesthetic one above, or also this Farewell to Summer; one that I have to view almost once per day because of those sunset water reflections.  

Again, it's just another way of turning Life into Art.
Which all helps me to keep this Artful Life FRUITFUL.    Because that's the rather important part.   That you just find ways to indulge your passions.   Whatever they may be.

You have to keep the fire stoked, ya know what I mean?
An untended fire eventually will go out.    But as long as you got a spark, you can still breathe it back to life.

That's rather what Ink Interrupted is all about.   Breathing Art back into Life. 
And anything that allows me time and space to do that; I am always Grateful.   Whether it's something that I can do in 5 minutes, or a project requiring my focus and energy for several months. 

A quick photo uploaded.
A One Shot fiction just begging to be told.
And all the stuff I have to dig down deep to haul up, and the contented sigh that emerges once it's  been released.   Even though the dragging and pulling may leave me exhausted; literally and emotionally.

It's all good.
It all eventually finds its way into the light.

I would encourage you dear readers!!!
Do not cheat yourself by hiding your contributions from the world!!
Make the world SEE.

“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart…” 
~William Wordsworth