Bored with your routine?
Lacking motivation as the days stretch longer and the year grinds to a slow end?

Eating the same food.
Watching the same shows.
Listening to the same music.
Driving the same road to work.
Day. After. Day.

Most of us are creatures of habit.    And that is not always a bad thing because there is a sense of order to the repetition of our routines.     We absolutely can still thrive while maintaining our dreary schedules.

But if I asked you to think about those "awe" moments; what would they be?
The menial tasks performed on auto-pilot.
Or might you choose that day you veered off course and something unexpected happened.
Are not those the moments that carry us through the dreary ordinary drifts of life?

You bet they are.
So, why are we not seeking the off beaten path more often?

In my journey towards more Artful Living in the past couple of years, I have definitely discovered that a critical aspect to my creative growth, is stepping out of routines every now and then.

Honestly, there are many times I force myself into situations - often social - when I would rather just kick back and watch a movie.  Or read.  Or write. Or take a bath.  Watch the cat bathe himself.   Seriously, sometimes people exhaust me.   Drain every single ounce of energy from what seems my very soul.   

Sometimes even, an intense sadness overcomes me when I am with others simply because they do not seem to "get" this side of me at all.  This creative drive.  This seeking.   And it's then a lonely path to travel.  

But we need people.  Obviously.   (psssst.. that means all of you too.)
Almost as much as we need those routines.  It's the circle of life we are all caught and bound within.

It's equally true however, if you want to Grow... Bloom... you just gotta do the work.
For me, that means slowing down and quieting my brain so that I create the space to look at the world around me and truly Take It In.   Instead of always trying to shut it out.   Often it's just a simple matter of noticing something unusual in an otherwise typical day or activity.

Case in Point.
My Instagram is not just for photos.   Sometimes it's for Philosophy 101 too. 

I already wrote about the beauty of stopping to enjoy the view on long road trips.   Always do that.   It will do your soul and your body good.    Maybe take it even further.  Seek out the unusual in that ordinary beach shot.   You might have to move differently.   And get a little sandy and wet.

Pebble beaches.  
Yes I lay down upon the pebbles to bring you this shot.  Not altogether unpleasant when you also get the waves gently lapping upon the sandy shore a few feet ahead, and an expansive view of blue beyond.  Take time to lie down on beaches and find your Awe every now and then.  Rest in the moment and let beauty surround you.

Maybe some will roll their eyes when reading such a post.     Why so serious?!!
Oh do try to calm down dearie....

Well, funny you should say that.   Because, I am calm.   While you it seems drip negativity.  so who's the wiser one now..  dearie?

I do the work to discover the roots and create new ways of experiencing this world.   
I do NOT do the work to please others/seek their approval, or even a confirmation that I am Doing It Right. 
Creating new experiences leads to new ways of thinking, feeling, believing and THAT my friends is how you rid your life of all the weights that are holding you down.   Or pulling your under. 

That's how you end the boring cycle of routine and embrace a life of finding the unusual in the every day.    Like a dragonfly carving in a simple rock on a children's playground. 
A little something wonderful just waiting for someone to discover it.


You Are What You Choose To Be.
Never choose someones version of YOU.     The limits they place upon you, do not have to be the burdens you carry around.   
So choose wisely!   Choose more possibilities and less limitations.

Choice by choice and moment by moment, you'll soon find yourself living a healthier, and more artful life.

More ART!!