I love, I love
I love your presence

I love, I love
I love your presence

I love, I love
I love you Jesus

I find rest for my soul.
I find peace that makes me whole.

Who is the keeper of your heart?
What causes trouble in your spirit?

I know when the treasures of my heart begin to fade, or I become too busy to even seek them; it causes trouble within me.

Confusion.  Depression.  Doubt.
They become the keepers of my heart.
The world gone crazy.  Chaotic.
Children running wild.
Faith gone silent.

And suddenly, I cannot stand to be in the presence of the any the things that once brought me joy.
Disconnect grows.

Yet, Truth is not hidden while light still shines in the dark corners.
And so I will ask myself, again and again:  Who is the keeper of my heart?

These are not hidden treasures.  They are Life lived Loud!   The very marrow, in and all around me always just waiting to be suckled.
And I love their presence.   But I must linger, and not look away.
For sometimes I wander and I do get lost.

The amazing thing I've learned is that during those times when everything seems out of sorts - most of all myself - the demanding to stop and turn back can be heard in the restless, noisy, even defiant behaviour of my children.
Or, in a world that groans out for healing.
All of us over whelmed and unconnected. 
Conviction presses upon my heart so heavy, I fear the weight of my next steps will echo for eternity.

So I need to remember in these times, it's not the pressing whisper to "Run", but an urgent Calling Back.
To their presence.
To linger.   Focus the lens.

I know what my heart will look to, and where my help comes from.
I'll remember once again;  I am the keeper of my heart.   It's Guardian.
And what my thoughts dwell upon, becomes it's treasures.

~ inspired by the song, I Love Your Presence, Bethel Music

Image courtesy of National Novel Writing Month.

Yep, that means you are going to be seeing a lot of posts this month.    I like to mix things up a bit - of course I do - and you should already know that about me.    So you'll get photos, you'll get stories and poems, you might get Deep Thoughts posts such as this one, and you'll get writing excerpts from the story that won't be kept inside. 

Brace yourself Dear Readers:  Words are coming!  

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