As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am off on a trip for a couple of days.  
Since I will be stuck in a car for hours on end, which means no wifi - not even a computer, you will have to put up with some scheduled posts from me until next Tuesday.
And yes, the Coffee Chat might be a bit late in getting posted.
Remember your Challenge!!
This is not a great way to stay active for  NaNoMoWri, in terms of a blog post per day; but I will  have a few journals on hand so that I can write daily.  

I've finished my fan fiction and it came in at just under 50, 000 words!!   Holy smoke - it did not feel like that at all.  It just flowed on and on and on.  Sometimes keeping me up until the sun was on the rise.   Over 20 Chapters!!!
But, obviously not something I can publish -- stil!!!  I.Finished.The.Darn.Thing.
And yes I feel really good about that.

Because sometimes, writing is hard.
Sometimes the Muse comes gently.  Softly.
A whispered caress of sweet words falling down like healing rain.

Other times, the Muse is no gentleman.
He doesn't knock upon inspiration's door - he kicks it in.
He will lay waste to your facade.
And things once forgotten; will be recalled.

These are the words that burn.
Then they heal.

the silence beckoned
as days grow short and night grew long
and so grows this sense of sin
when she discovered what she had really learned
while rubbing one knee less skinned
that the ceremony of innocence is drowned
on too thin carpet that leaves red welts
and smells of woes no one doth care
oh, how you will burn, while the fires are stoked
and the acrid smell of ashes in the wind
ghostly remnants of your valued worth
floating down like dead confetti
while your tears fell,  and fury was spent
and darkness leaves another dent
so save your soul, and sigh your way in
sever the knots and end this charade
the poor weary body groans
fingers the purple welts,
then slips into the welcoming silence:
what is a scar –
but a wound that has healed.

See you soon dear readers.
I will not be able to return visits until I return next week, but a huge thank you - to every single one of you - for joining me on this journey.