In honour of National Writing Month, I hope to share more original poetry.

I don't always know where the words come from.   What muse gives them birth.
I just know that they must come forth.

Like bubbles to the surface.
Waves to the shore.

I am sensing a theme here.

and life
desolation is a barren island
where waves die upon the shores
gulls cries lost to the misty wind
while the clouds shine above the clear sea

and death
courage comes as a stormy breeze
rising faintly upon the cold reef
swirling around the quiet seashells
while the gulls circle the clouds

and courage
this is the place where ships die
captains surrendering to the old sea
but the shore endures
the reefs will rise!

and love
the clouds die like cold waves
a smiling sun warms the shores
the waves falling swiftly like lively sails
we command this ship once more

Oh Adventure! ~
You are a stormy wind
and I never loved a dead breeze.

If you are participating in National Writing Month, then I know like myself you are busy writing, writing, writing.   Which means -- you probably don't have time for reading, reading, reading:  as in All the other blog posts.   So, if you don't see me over at your blog frequently this month, please forgive.  I will do my best to get around.   For the most part, I will be saving a  lot of your blog posts in a reader to be enjoyed at a more leisurely time.  With a very large pot of coffee.   Since you will be getting (almost) a blog post a day from me, I certainly understand that time is valuable - and limited - for all of us.   
So drop by when you can.  Leave a little "hello."    But as always, make the time to find your own passion too.