We are home from our long trip North and slowly getting back to our regular schedule.    I still do not like long car trips.    I still am the most restless person EVER to ride in a car.     I do not like being away from my work out routine AND faced with the junk food only options of road trips.   A my new jeans are never gonna fit if this keeps up very real dilemma. 

 Also, the iPhone battery seems to suck life from your phone much faster, the further North you travel.  True story.    
However, since the title does say Grateful Edition, there are a few things I very much like. 

Road trips are not so bad at all if you take the scenic route.   

 Pit stops can be healthy AND good for your soul.    And you never know when a giant bear in a tree might just lift your spirits.

 ~ White River, Ontario    Winnie The Pooh road side attraction to memorialize the town's part in the story.  READ HERE.
Finally, never forget:  the sun going down is just another reminder that the days stretch ever onward, and tomorrow a new sun will rise.   Linger awhile. 


The Friendly Fill-Ins are four fun and easy statements to complete. Ellen of 15andmeowingprovides the first two statements and the final two are offered by myself. We try to make sure they will be fun to both answer and share. On Friday, the linky will be posted at or about 12:00 AM. Please come back, link up, and share your thoughts! Here are this week's statements with the blanks:
Week 28: November 18, 2016

1. One Thanksgiving tradition I have is an after dinner walk.  Because TURKEY and Pumpkin Pie and Gravy!!!!.

2. Black Friday     - no thanks.   I like the day to rest and crowds make me want to stab people. 

3. The best part about Thanksgiving Day is  good food and good company - I really do try to practice Gratitude ALL the days of the year.

4. One Thanksgiving, we played football on the road.  In the snow.   Yep - welcome to Canada everyone -  Give Thanks! 

Have a good weekend everyone!