Do you ever lose your Zen?

Like, you just woke up one morning and decided the world was going to see your "not adulting" face today?

Or, you've been in a car for what seems like hours on end and your hubby picked the movie, so you're just watching trees, trees, oh rocks!, more trees, zip past.

And then it happens.
That little something unexpected that wakes you up to all that is good and pure in this world.

You crane your neck as far as you can, nose squished against the car windows, to get the best view possible.   You swear you can hear the waves hitting the shore, the gulls cry, and the smell of seaweed on the breeze.

Do you stop?
Hell yeah you do.
You have to stop to catch your Zen every now and then. 

Just so you know I am meeting this month's Chat Challenge:  gaze on the Awe I found.

You may even get lucky and watch the sun sink to it's rest with a special someone.
I'll be sure to catch that moment for you, and then text you the photo so have your own personalized Beach Romance Sunset lockscreen image.

Because that happened.

I don't know why I always have to remind myself when I start to grumble and risk losing my way.    That the noises in my head must be silenced, so I can hear the song in my heart.

I am a light chaser.
I will always seek the light.

Where do you find your Zen?