Tonight I was cursing my stupid @%)*^ phone.
Because I had so many lovely photos that I had taken recently --- you know, meeting my challenge by pausing along the highway of life...

.... but dumb phone...... no it has to give me a new challenge.
Specifically it won't upload the photos from my iPhone to my PC.
Also, Windows 10 sucks the biggest....

Anyway, after almost an entire night wasted trying to figure it all out, I finally cursed a blue streak pleaded my case in Left Brain's general direction, who suggested using the Cloud App thing, to which of course I said "hell no, those things get hacked and suddenly there's naked pics of you eating Halloween candy in the tub all over the net."
Not that I have any of those of course.
I'm far too much of a chocolate snob to settle for mini chocolate bars!

Anyway while we were trying to remember the password and get yet another stupid app on my phone, Left Brain jiggled the cable connected from my phone to my laptop and VIOLA.
Up pops the Photo Transfer Menu.

Imaginative Me:

Left Brain people and technology really vex me.
I'm very vexed.

But, silver lining?
I noticed that my iPhone made this lovely little video of the last 3 months of my recent photos, and even set it to music.
Wasn't that lovely of those i people?

Still, officially, @$%# you and all your updates.

Now sit back and enjoy the beauty.  :)

So unfortunately there was not time left to actually EDIT any of photos, save for this one grunge filter of our recent road side beach stop -- which I actually really love.

Also, I am still working on that gumdrop tree for the parade float, so I should have pictures of that soon.

We will now return to our regular Zen filled schedule.
Does Technology make you crazy too?