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It was so cold one night this past weekend, I was almost tempted to turn our fireplace on.
Then I realized that our big front windows had been opened all day long, and now that the sun had set, the cooler temperatures had drastically chilled the house.

Actually, what I realized is that there were in fact NO windows at the front of the house because Left Brain had removed them earlier in the day to sand and paint them.  They were still drying in the garage.

I had to put socks on people.   Y'all know that indicates a critical drop in body temperature.

So yes, it is now clear we are entering the Autumn days of let's just stay in bed under the covers all day and ......

.... get lost in a good book.

Not where you thought I was going with that, was it?

Time out for Mom

Tuesday, October 18th
The nights are cooler, days shorter:
Winter Is Coming!   
What's on your reader/night stand?
(or TV series you're bingeing)

I mentioned before that I have actually been doing a lot of writing lately.    I needed to get back in practice after the long summer of barely even paying attention to my own blog.   Especially if I am going to tackle the challenge that is Novel Writing Month in November!

I haven't shared much here, aside from a few poems, because what I've been writing is essentially a Fan Fiction story -- and I am well aware that there is perhaps some negative opinions about that genre.    Often they can be very heavy on the sex part, and not so much on the story part.   If you know me, you should know I am always about the STORY.   Also, I find it a bit icky to write about a real life person.   I mean, I don't want to kink shame anyone, but I really don't think it's any one's business to write about what having sex with Mr A List Actor (who is probably married also) is actually like.   Thus, mine will always be about a Character.  Strictly.

My Fan Fiction is within the world of The Peaky Blinders - an English drama about gangsters in the 1920s.   It's on the BBC, but I believe Netflix USA also carries it.   (warning for violence and sex)   One of the most interesting aspects about this series, is that the key players are all basically suffering from various kinds of PTSD due to their experiences in the WW1.   Or what they would have referred to as "shell shock" back then.   It adds an interesting layer to the characters and how they act in their often violent world.   It is superbly acted - the entire cast is fantastic - lead by Cillian Murphy who I was tempted to write a very strongly worded letter to the Emmy's for their failure to nominate him for an award.   Honestly - pathetic oversight.

One of Hollywood's premiere A List actors - or in my opinion THE premiere actor because I think this man can literally play any role given to him - who shows up for the odd guest spot is Tom Hardy, in the role of Jewish gangster Alfie Solomons.

 We don't see him often, but every time he appears, he swoops in and steals the entire series.  Because yes, Tom Hardy is that freaking good.   Fight me on this.    However, his short appearances don't allow much time to tell his particular story - he exists mostly to advance the story of Thomas Shelby - the role played by Murphy.    And let me just say, anytime those two men appear on screen together, is like watching a Master Acting Class.   Perfection.     

So, my fiction fills in the gaps of what we don't know about one Mr. Alfie Solomons,  because I just think the character is extremely fascinating.   It's my version of course, and not necessarily a true depiction of the series character.   Of course, there's a girl too.  Isn't there always a girl?   What's a story with out a bit of quick wit exchanged, some wicked temptation, and eventually love?   If you want to read it, and give some feedback so I can hone my skills by November, you can find it HERE.  

(Start with Parts 1 - 3 and just keep going.   There are about seven chapters published now, and new ones added each week.   A wee bit of warning: Alfie swears.  Come on, he's a gangster - it has to be realistic.)

Now as for actual books I've read, here are some of the summer reads I really enjoyed.   I will give a more in-depth book review/commentary in a future post.

Twin Peaks, by Tracie Banister

Okay can we just talk about the character Gav once you've read it?  Because.. swoon.  I've also just started another book by Banister called Blame it On The Flame, and will let you know about that one when I am finished too.   Banister will also have a new book coming out soon, so stay tuned for that.

The Dom Games, by Rachel Robinson

I have read most of Robinson's books, including Time and Space and Set In Stone,  and you can find reviews for them by checking my Reviews tag.  I love her stories set in the Navy Seal world, and that have just enough of spice to keep it interesting; but not embarrassing to read.   Don't be intimidated by this title -- it's not what you think!

Rachel Robinson will also have a new book published sometime in November. 

The Right Design, Isabella Louise Anderson

A nice, perfect little romance for the hot summer days on the beach.  The love interest is a gardener, so again... swoon. 

 The next one I am looking forward to is our friend formally residing at the beach, Hilary Grossman of Feeling Beachie with her follow up novel Plan Cee.    I'm busy reading a first chapter sneak peek, and can tell you already I am so excited for her next book!!

One thing you will notice about all these authors, is that they are - or were at one time: Bloggers.    So I love having the chance to read their published works and support them.   It just goes to show you:  don't give up on your dreams.   If you want to be a published writer one day, You Have To Write.    Which is why, although I could hang my head in shame for writing a wee bit of fan fiction about a TV show most of you have never heard of.... OR, I could be proud of myself for committing to the craft I love, and write the story in my head.

Finally, if you want to Write, I highly recommend you also READ.   A lot.   Actually, that comes straight from another Master's mouth:  Stephen King.  

So, what's on your gonna cuddly up all cozy and get lost in a good story list?

Next Week:   It's now only a month until Christmas!!   Panic now.   If you are the calm and collected type, do please share some of your secrets to surviving holiday stress.