Good morning and welcome to the Coffee Chat.
Autumn has arrived with some mighty winds.   

I'm a little late getting to the post this Monday because I've had trouble not sobbing all day due to a certain death in my TV family.   I know many of you don't watch The Walking Dead, but let me just say this then: gutted.
Doesn't even begin to describe it.

I know, I know - it's just a TV show.   It will be alright.   It's just a character on TV.

No! No!   This was not just a character:  this was the symbol of Hope. 
And now that hope is gone... what shall become of my tribe of survivors?

For who wants to live in a world -- even a zombie infested one - without Hope?

Hakuna Matata people.
It will be alright.   There is always a way through the chaos.

My life goals during the landscape wreckage right now:

Yeah, so that's just my rather awkward segue to this week's topic.
I just have a lot of feelings today,  okay?

Time out for Mom

It's now only a month until Christmas!!   Panic now.   
If you are the calm and collected type, 
please share your secrets to surviving holiday stress.

I think I am going to try and take Christmas easy this year.  That's the projected goal.  Left Brain and I have a plan with regards to the kids ... and the all consuming Gimme Gimme I Want Want Want chat that begins.   More on that later.

 I know Life will probably throw a hundred curve balls.    But I am slowly learning that life only has to be as complicated or difficult as we make it.   With home, school, church and Guides all likely doing holiday activities -- it's gonna get busy y'all.

So, how to stay sane during it all?
I don't have the answer for You -- but I know what helps me.   And really it's just as simple as Listening to Myself.

Short, impatient tone with the kids?   You need TIME alone mama.  Get it.
Restless and cranky, don't know why?   You need to EXERCISE mama.  Move it.
Swirling thoughts and unfocused brain?   You need to WRITE mama.   Let it out. 
Darkness closing in, world pressing upon?   You need FAITH mama.  Pray. Praise.

And through it all I'm just gonna breathe, breathe, breathe.
Ever notice that you tend to hold your breath when you are stressed?   Jaw clenched.   Fists at sides.   Everything is just tense.

Yeah, you can't tense your body if you are breathing properly.  

This is where yoga helps me a lot.    Sometimes I have to do that before I can even pray, or you know, dance around the kitchen like a crazy person.  (I'm sure God loves me AND thinks I'm a complete Dork.   And I'm okay with both.)

So that's what my plan is.   Tune out the chaos, and tune into myself.    Which sounds rather selfish on the surface, but actually -- we all know that we take better care of others, when we take care of ourselves, right?  There's gonna be an upcoming challenge about that dear readers

Until then, onward through the heavy winds and hakuna matata folks.

Next Week:  How do you handle your failures?  Are you a crawl back into bed and wait for it all to pass kinda person?  Or are you a jump immediately back on the horse sort?