Hello October!!
And welcome to this week's Coffee Chat.

The summer haze has slowly lifted from our sun spangled eyes; and now the golds of Autumns' splendour is upon us.

My name is Leslie and I have had 3 Pumpkin Spice Lattes already.
What's your number?

source: yourdailydoseofcaffeine

I'm not addicted.  I can stop whenever they sell out I want.

Besides warm hugs in a mug, who else is ready for comfy hoodies and sweaters, knee high boats, bonfires, and the beautiful colours of Fall?

Bring it On!

Time out for Mom

Tuesday, October 4th, 2016

Fall Asesthetic -  What gets you in the mood for the Fall Season?   
Pumpkin Spice?  Wool sweaters and knee high boots?  
Candy Corn?   
Let's all get cozy with warm thoughts as we head into Autumn.

For myself, it's definitely the crispness in the air that suddenly arrives one morning, and then the burst of colour that spreads throughout our trees.

Walking down any street is like walking under an umbrella gilded in reds and golds.

Much like the canopy overhead, the carpet beneath your feet is a riot of colour, and the crunch of the dried leaves sounds very satisfying in your knee high boots.

every leaf speaks bliss to me
fluttering from the Autumn tree

~ Emily Bronte

Look at those patterns!   Nature truly is the greatest artist.

You know as much as I profess to love Summer, and I still think I'd have to say it's my favourite, Fall is quickly closing in on first place.   Contrary to my Canadian DNA, I am not thrilled about the coming season of ice and snow --- my old body doesn't appreciate being cold anymore.   And everything just looks So Dead and Barren; until that first lovely snowfall covers the world in it's white blanket.   But it's still freaking cold.

But despite it being the season of death and decay; I am discovering that Autumn is still somewhat alive!   It's a slow farewell.... giving you time to say your good-byes.   But so many Hellos are there each morning too.    I already made the comment that it's falling leaves teach me that it's okay to Let Go.   That change can be a burst of colour ending with a merry twirling dance.   Not a real ending, because you become something else.   Your story continues on laid out in another pattern; leading to a new place.   New growth.

Fall tells me to keep looking forward.   Go on an adventure and add another ring to your circle of life.

My thanks to some gifted person on Tumblr - who put together this awesome Fall checklist, that just happens to meet my Autumn Aesthetic perfectly.

Because that's another of my Fall favourites:  being a wee bit lazy.

But not today!   Today:  the Fall Basics!

Just look at dem boots!
Also, plaid is a Canadian prerequisite pretty much all the Seasons.  

What do you need to step into Fall?

Next Week:  It's Canadian Thanksgiving.... so I'm in a turkey coma.   Let's all show 2 minutes of Gratitude.