Good morning and welcome to Coffee Chat!
Also, gobble gobble!

I saw this photo recently, and never felt anything more on a cellular level.

Thankfully my coffee cup is currently full... and safe!

Since today is Canadian Thanksgiving; I'd say my day is off to a pretty good start.

Time out for Mom

Tuesday, October  11th, 2016
It's Canadian Thanksgiving.... so I'm in a turkey coma.   
Let's all show 2 minutes of Gratitude.

As I have company coming for an afternoon turkey and fixin's feast, I will have to be quick about my chat today.   I am already behind in blogging this weekend due to holiday activities, and I choose to think that in itself is something to be thankful for.

Thus, I am actually going to set a timer for two minutes, and just by sitting here quietly observing, create my list of Gratitude.

On your mark....

- the vacuum is running.  I am NOT running it.   Thank you Left Brain.

-  the kids are playing.  now they are fighting.  Nope, playing again.   And.... we're back to fighting.   That was literally 5 seconds of my two minutes.    But, there's no blood or broken items yet so I am gonna keep typing.

- the sun is shining bright in my bedroom window.   We can probably have coffee on the back deck after lunch.

- my sister and her family are coming today.

-  she is bringing 4 bottles of wine

- my house smells like turkey and apple pie.   with a slight lingering aroma of the pancakes we had for breakfast

-  no one will leave my house hungry today.  no one I know even knows hunger as a thing.   

-  my house is CLEAN!

-  the dishwasher is running.  I also didn't do that.

-  my mom will be here soon and then my house will also smell like pumpkin pie

-  my Prime Minister tweeted a Thanksgiving message to the nation.   The word "pussy" was not in it.

- I've never seen a killer clown. 

-  the girls are filming a video to post on our YouTube channel and I think they may just actually become the Next Big Thing youtuber sensation.  Even if not, it is hilarious.

-  my cup runneth over, but in the good way.

And Time.

Off you go chatters!
You can set a timer, say a prayer of thanks, or just make your own list of Gratitude.  

And remember, even in trying times of difficult choices, there is always something to be thankful for.

Next Week:  The days are definitely getting cooler - we may even have to turn our fireplace on soon.  So naturally I'm gonna need some book recommendations since Winter Is Coming!   What's on your reader/night stand?