Today is a special day.
That means wine is here. 

Why is wine here you ask?
Because my house is full of seven year old children in costumes and if I have to look at one more thing Paw Patrol I'm gonna need another bottle.

That would be Motrin in that particular bottle.
Booze and pills people.

Now it's a party. 

I'll take a stab of a guess that most of you moms out there would have started a birthday post about one of your children in a slightly different manner.  
I salute you.
Please do recall that in addition to ZooZoo (upside down up there) turning seven today, I also have a nine year old girl, and a twelve year old boy.

That's a lot of birthday parties over a dozen years, with sugar loaded children up in my space,  ya know.
Quite frankly, I'm just kinda done in with it all.    I'd like to hire a princess, or a clown.... no wait, clowns are scary now, right?   Well, just someone else to take over the duties for one year.

Or ya know, like maybe a husband.   Is there an App for that?  *side eye*

Listen, I'm not a Pinterest kinda mom okay?   I can't get the Paw Patrol Bingo game cards to print and while we are on that subject I just noticed I am out of printer paper anyway.    They are not interested in the DIY Puppy Badges I did print off before discovering that was the end of the paper roll.  
There's no back up plan people!!!     And 2 hours to go.   And it's rainy and wet and cold outside.  

To clarify, because I know one reader might have their fingers already on the Child Services Number, wine did not show up until AFTER children left.   Well, except my own.  They're still here.    I mainlined coffee during the party like a proper mother should.

So yeah, I was almost as jittery and revved up as the kids.

Now that a calm has settled over the house - largely due to the fact that the two noisemakers girls have gone to bed, I feel a little more Zen and able to properly celebrate the Star of Today:  ZooZoo

She's the one that keeps us in stitches.  And the one that will give you a hug when you really, really needed one.    The one that forces us to still look with wonder at the changing leaves of a tree.   Or a worm in a puddle.   She still gets excited over a new stuffed animal.   And the only other person I know who shares my goal in life to  Greet Every Dog Encountered.    Thanks to ZooZoo, there are still Disney movies to watch and colouring stretched out on the floor to be done.    The one that still misses mommy when she's away at school and runs to greet me from the bus.   And yes, ZooZoo, mommy's fridge would look awfully bare "nekided" without all those drawings and paintings you bring home. 

I can't believe how much she's learned - she can read y'all!!    It's an amazing thing when you walk into a room and ALL the children are reading.  Like Life Goal Unlocked.  

So today's photo art is inspired by the one that brings such LIFE, ZEST and Artful living herself into our world.    If you knew her, you would say the photo edits definitely do capture her sparkling personality.   

Thankfully so much energy and love cannot be contained in a single frame of life, and lucky for us, ZooZoo is the sharing kind.

Happy Birthday you're still my Baby Girl.   

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