Okay, so.. Disclaimer!!

The kids wanted to get a bit spooky due to the forthcoming spooky holiday.  

 (last year's pumpkin carvings)

We've got our pumpkins waiting to be carved.
We've got our costumes hanging patiently in the closets.

Candy may or may not be hiding somewhere in the house where only mama knows.

Anticipation is Thick folks.
I am claim no responsibility for what follows.

Well, except yeah -- I had to make it all.
But other than that; totally not my fault.

First, they wanted to carve the pumpkins immediately.   As in, I have not even finished my coffee yet - it's still at shut the h*ll up level right now mama!!   (No of course I would never say that.  Good moms can say it all with their eyes and not speak.)   Soon coffee cup will be at yes you make speak now level but children --- that's still too early for pumpkin carvin'!!

Cause rotting pumpkins, while perhaps even spookier, do not meet my Halloween front porch aesthetic.

So, let's have fun with photo editing kids! 

Ohhhhhh, fire.   Let's blow one up.
*internal mama's voice, the hell are y'all lil psychos?*
Categorically.  No. 

Although, not a bad idea.  Photographically.  Yes.

Hmmmm, less flame, needs some smoke.
And make it move too.


ZooZoo:  Want kitty!!!

Right.  Coming up.

It's important to note here that ZooZoo was actually calling for our actual real life kitty Cashew and thus that one was not even necessary.

Unless you care to just simply appreciate the fact that I did actually carve that kitty on a pumpkin one year and if that ain't Art, then I am living life wrong.   And I do care about that.

Finally, due to the Walking Dead Season Premiere tomorrow night, I simply had to have a little bit of a fun with a selfie.   I know not all of you appreciate Zombies, so look away now.

I'm not that scary, am I?

You should see me before coffee.

Okay, so we all are watching my favourite Halloween cartoon tonight, and thus I will end this week's Art session on a fun note.  Because if I could actually dance with Snoopy in a pumpkin field under a full moon, well that would be the best kind of living ever.

Happy Arting!

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