Felt a little bit of naughty vampir-ish inspiration for a poem, just in time for this spooky holiday season.

This one was a bit difficult, as it is quite dark and not like the typical romantic ditty I might pen.   But, I rather like the twist of the hunter becoming the hunter.

Come into the light, he beckoned,

a rose is meant to shine.

His hand outstretched like a warm promise.

I chuckled within my shadow’d corner,

ever watchful of his measured approach;

As if I am not both light and shadow.

Easily moving through mist and golden light -

While he, with that cocky grin and heavy boot’d step,

only knows to blunder though this world;

sure of his place, and that the prize is already his.

How many have been claimed before I?

so sure, but foolish, is your haughty pursuit.

Tread carefully sweet Prince across my thin iced frontier

enter my garden at your peril, for ‘tis slippery when wet.

It is not my love that will drip upon the frozen soil.

Nor my tears that shall fall.

Do not mistake my smile and downcast eyes for submission -

See my wicked smile spread for you.

Feel my heart hammer o’er your halted breath –

I do so love the prey caught unaware.

I will take your hand … and claim my prize.

But ‘tis you that shall catch the thorn

and wet the earth.


Happy Halloween!