Good morning and welcome to the Coffee Chat!

Quick show of hands for all those who see the irony in my publishing late a post about Fail?

Just Kidding.
I mean,  @#*! yes - I'm very late posting.
But you can put your hands down... because I can't see y'all.


Time out for Mom

 Tuesday, November 1st, 2016

How do you handle your failures?  
Are you a crawl back into bed, or, 
jump immediately back on the horse sort?

It's Halloween night and I'm eating all the mini chocolate bars I can manage to steal from my kids.   Thank goodness for that old rule "Check All the Candy" to make sure it's safe!  amiright moms?!
All your Wunderbars shall be mine!!

That's also technically a failure, because as you know, I am trying to be the Fit Mom and chocolate is not on the menu.   Or, at least a dozen chocolate anyway.   I have not even completed a work out today.   Unless you consider walking a kabillion blocks in the  Canadian cold Autumn night air in my high heel boots a workout.
And let's be frank: I do!
Imma have a KitKat next.

I have been scrambling a bit today, despite the fact that I checked all the necessary To Do/Get items off my list.

Then I realized when I woke up today and started preparing for our party tonight (we host several families on Halloween night and the kids all trick or treat together), that I had not actually CARVED my pumpkins.

And you know how I feel about carving pumpkins!

Yeah, that's a big pumpkin ball drop for me!
But did I hang my head in shame, worrying that the neighbours would find me lacking?
Crawl back under the covers declaring Halloween ruined?!
Heck no.
I put on a Tom Hardy movie like a normal fan girl and drank some tea!

Seriously, best scene ever.   I laugh so hard every time.
Now see, I totally feel better and am not even worried about my silly pumpkin anymore.

No!  That's the wrong method.  That's Denial and Avoidance - don't do that.
I mean, if your distraction happens to involve muscles, British charm, and baby blue eyes, then okay -- maybe do that for a little while.   But don't unpack your bags and fall into those aqua pools!

This was the gif I really wanted.
Also, Le Sigh.  Is that colour of blue even real?!

See, accurate gif with wise quote is accurate!
So of course you know I totally carved those pumpkins while I watched the movie.

Except yeah, then you know, I didn't have time to do my post in a timely fashion, because I was too busy watching a ridiculous romantic comedy that honestly I just have to call  Bullsh*t on right now, because seriously who is going to choose the lying playboy over the sweet and charming British hunk -- who didn't lie to you, or get into your pants as per his solemn promise?!

Fail Hollywood.

Anyhow, our party was a great success.  We walked a trillion miles and came home with about 4 pillow bags full of candy.    And my pumpkins glowed beautifully in the crisp Autumn night air.

I wish I could show you, but um.... I forgot to take a picture of them.
Also of the kids costumes.   
I'm gonna just let it go.

And I really do think that is the secret -- to not worry or stress so much about your failings.  I think you can be present with your failures, just as much as you can in anything regarding daily life.   Really absorb the circumstance; feel it's weight --- but not succumb.   How you proceed forward will determine WHO comes out of the failure, and not always WHAT.   And maybe that's something helpful to keep in mind.

Perhaps I do hide for awhile.  Regroup.  Refocus.   But I know myself and my value enough to also know, I will emerge with a plan for the future.  I will not tarry in self pity, but I won't be afraid of it neither.   Or maybe my stubborn streak kicks in and I am not going to bed until that issue is solved!    I'll get cracking straight away.    I think it's important to know which of the two options to choose, in the right timing.

Ultimately, it's all opportunity.  For growth.   And I honestly think that's a pretty cool way to look at what others might use to bring you down or make you feel inferior.   Especially since, they won't be able to do that.    Because you got this.  In your own way and in your own timing.

So don't worry about the Fail; picture your Rise instead.

How do you cope with failure?

Next Week:  I'm going to give you a challenge for the rest of this month.   I want you to think about something in your life you'd like to focus on -- just for you - and commit to that task.  Maybe it will require a daily check in.  Maybe only weekly.   Perhaps it's writing a certain number of words per day.  Or a photo a day.   The only rule is that it is For YOU.  Your need.