I don't know how many of you have seen Canadian money, but we have this coin called a "Toonie."   It's currency value is two dollars.

It's named after our most common lake bird the Loon.    There is hardly a lake up here in Northern Ontario that does not have several of these birds, and there is nothing better than sitting lakeside with a bonfire, and listening to call the of loons as the sun goes down.

Especially if you have such a gorgeous viewing window:

I included that sunset photo to give some vantage point idea.
That is my seat, where I am ever camera ready!   The loons are on that other side of the lake, by the tree line.

To say it was testing the limits of my zoom lens is an understatement.   But I wanted to give you an idea of just how big these birds are.

So Disclaimer:  the photos that follow are definitely NOT professional caliber, but it's what I got.   Loons can dive under the water in a flash and stay submerged for up to about 10 minutes if they feel threatened.  Also, they are super fast swimmers, so they are not going to surface where you last spotted them.

Moral of the story:  take the shot you can get, when you can get it!!

There's nothing more thrilling and haunting then hearing the call of the loon over the water.


I was lucky enough to see it's mate arrive!

There you go!  Not the greatest shots ever captured, but definitely worth more than two bucks!

I feel I must leave you with another lake sunset shot just to prove my photo ninja worth.