Had me a blast.

Happened so fast. 

That about sums it up right there.
But not THAT kind of summer lovin'!    *wave to the creepy lurkers*

No, you cannot do that kind of summer lovin' in a tent, or a cramped cozy cabin in the woods shared with 3 rowdy kids.     Or canoe.  (It's a Canadian thing.)

That's also not how I warm up my coffee while camping.   We have a French press.   Some things just cannot be taken for granted.   Like good coffee in the morning.  It's like the  breath of life!

That's simply how my summer seemed to go:  good and fast.
Honestly, I should stop right now because this post feels like it might get away from me.

What I simply want to say dear friends, is Welcome Back to Coffee Chat, and what were you loving this summer?

Time out for Mom

Tuesday,  September 20th, 2016

Summer Lovin' - Was there one moment that stood out this past summer, 
as one that you will cherish forever?    One book you must recommend? 
Ice Cream flavour?  Let us know!

As I mentioned, this past summer rather felt like a blur.   So much happened it seems, and yet, I have trouble narrowing it down into any one specific moment.    We had a lot of stillness along with the Great Outdoors and I can still detect the slightest whiff of campfire smoke when I turn my head.

Some things just linger.   As they should.
But not smoke, someone recommend a good shampoo please. 

I survived camping alone with the 3 kids.    We survived many hours in a car together traveling scenic routes.   And we did not get rained out once during our vacations.   There was rain, but no animals appeared two by two, so I am calling it a win.
I read some great books, and I will have more about that in another post.

Those are just some moments among many.   We ate ice cream (still a vanilla girl), we made our fairy garden, we had many beach days, and more than a few lazy days at home in our pj's.     Many moments captured, as my camera roll number definitely indicates.

But one of many?
We did have that magical moment of body wave surfing in our clothes in Lake Superior.

My entire summer was basically just me and the kids for the majority of the time.   Left Brain only had vacation time during our long car trip North.   When we arrived at the lake, he spent quite a bit of time with his dad -- and rightly so.   But again: Me + Kids.    Suffice to say there was not much down time for mommy this summer.    I've enjoyed the quiet that arrived with back to school, because I am not going to lie; there were many chaotic, busy, pull my hair out times with the kids too.

So what's the secret to surviving the many weeks of you and your precious stop touching him will you please stop shouting and put that back where it came from kids during a long hot summer?

You have to find the rare moments of quiet and stillness.   If your kids are like mine, they will not slow down or quiet down on their own.  Nay, Nay.  You have to make those moments happen.  You must provide the time and space.   They will not seek the solitude on their own.  Or the deeper moments of connection.   That is up to you.

You know, the grown up.  Ugh.

Thankfully most of our vacations happen near water.   Water is good.  Water is soothing.  Staring into water, with your feet dangling off a dock, just seems to lend itself to quiet contemplation.

So, if mama makes herself a cup of coffee (fine, glass of wine) and plops herself down on the edge of a dock... alone.... I promise you...

... they will come. 

This is me with Angel Girl and ZooZoo, but I also had moments with Monkey Boy.   This just happens to be the one moment someone thought to capture with their phone camera.   Definitely a favourite moment.    Just sitting.   Watching the minnows under our dangling feet.  A loon passed by one night and we sat and listened to it calling for it's mate; who soon joined.    You can't buy these moments.  You can't force them.   You just have to allow them to happen.

I cannot even remember everything we talked about -- probably everything.  And nothing.   And it was all good.  There was fishing from this dock too.   But that was a little crazier because little girls and fish hooks are not a good mix.

No matter what time of day, I could come sit here and one, two or all the children would eventually find their way to me.  Because all moms know the secret truth:  if mom sits down with a beverage for some alone time, she is sure to find herself suddenly Not Alone.
But in this circumstance; in the good way.

It's also a great place to watch the closing of the day, because just off the dock on the sandy shore is the fire pit.   Another great way to ensure some quiet moments because children who stare into flames do eventually get tired.   Even better if there is a water reflection.  It's like an all natural sleep inducing drug.  

So yeah, I am basically saying what I've been saying for almost a year now: when life starts to become a busy, blur you just have to take the time to Be Still and enjoy the goodness.   Life proves this truth to me over and over again.

How lucky that it proves it with such Beauty.
Really, it is there all along;  but I hope I never lose this sense of awe and gratitude each time I notice it.

What moments forced you to be still this summer?

Next Week:  Which is more the "new year" for you:  January or September?

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