Saturday Art is back!!!
I have no idea when I will have time to do much photo editing, but I am still excited at the opportunity.

And let me tell you... I GOT photos to edit.
Well over 500 from our summer vacation.

I mean, tell me; how could you resist.

If you think photo editing is something that is way beyond your skills, you should definitely check out Claudia's blog and watch her very helpful video.    It's so fascinating to me being able to witness the artists' process.  How all the various elements eventually work together to create something new and exciting.

You can make a bad photo good; or a good photo better.

My original photo up there was pretty good to start.   What can be awful about a bursting sunset over a calm, blue lake?    Especially when no filter or other touch ups were applied to this shot, other than to revert from RAW to jpeg image so that I would not have to wait 200 hours for my blog to upload the image.

THAT is truly how the sunset glowed this particular night.   The colours are real.
But, that doesn't mean I can't have some fun, right?

Two fairly simple edits.   Add a border.  Add some bokah.  Add some grungy filter or light bursts.   Easy peasy.

Doesn't really seem to represent my home and native land completely though.
Then I remembered the Girl Guides song the girls and I were singing while I was snapping the photos.  While the bonfire burned bright behind us and the loons were calling.

Yeah, I want to return once more.


Yes, I had to add a moose because despite almost a dozen trips to the great beauty of the North where they are supposedly in abundant supply:  I have yet to actually see one.

And that's why making Art is so important.   Sometimes you just gotta make your dreams come true in another way.  It may not be as good, but it keeps the dream alive.

Drop by Claudia's and link up some of your own Art. 
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