I slept in today!
I didn't mean to; it just sorta happened.   

By that I mean I may have sorta willingly half asleep not really knowing caring that I actually turned off the alarm, rolled over and let sleep claim me once more. 

Thankfully children get hungry, so by the time 10 am rolled around, I was gently shaken awake.   I had left muffins out on the counter honestly children are so helpless sometimes. 
 *hard mama eyeroll* 

Anyway, I wasn't feeling quite 100% and I guess that's the reason why my body heard that alarm and simply said, "Nope."

So my Saturday morning aesthetic is to finish the Fill Ins and some other writing while still in pj's, while the kids get an extra 30 minutues of TV/Xbox/Minecraft.

What I mean is, somehow even though this was not a perfect start to the day: everyone is happy!    So I'm not gonna try to fix what ain't broke.

The Friendly Fill-Ins are four fun and easy statements to complete. Ellen of 15andmeowingprovides the first two statements and the final two are offered by myself. We try to make sure they will be fun to both answer and share.  On Friday, the linky will be posted at or about 12:00 AM. 
Please come back, link up, and share your thoughts! 
Here are this week's statements with the blanks:

Week 18: September 9, 2016

1. I can't wait for the new season of  The Walking Dead on television. 
 I know it is not everyone's cup of tea, because Zombies!    But zombies Walkers are actually not really my cup of tea either.   It's the moral and ethical questions that are confronted on the show that interests me.   The concept of surviving an apocalyptic world of kill or be killed with your humanity intact - how does one do that?   CAN one do that?   And if you fall too far to one side; can you come back?    All very fascinating to me.    Zombies... not so much. 

2. In my home, the downstairs bathroom and laundry room needs to be repaired.
Like, there are no walls between the bathroom and the laundry room.   So yeah, if you come here and have coffee and have to... um.....well,  I C U P.
3. I thought I lost my mind, but turns out it's okay - I'm just a mom. 

Situation Normal. 

4. Once, I found just under $700 laying in the street while out for a run.  I was in Vancouver, so I didn't really know where I was running.   Nothing special to distinguish the money.   I called the police and since there was nothing to indicate who's money it was... they said "Go Shopping. Robson Avenue is that way.

And I said, "Thank you very much."

I took my host family to dinner.   Kevin Costner and his family were also at the restaurant.  Johnny Depp appeared later.    I made a charitable donation.  Went to Whistler for the weekend.     What can I say?   I was a 20 year old university student -- I would hope I would make better choices if I should be so lucky once again. 

Of course because I am older and wiser; it will never happen again. 

Also, I only run when chased now.   

Hope you've had a lovely start to your weekend. 
Remember, let some things go and just let your light shine!