A friend who has a pool is a good friend.

We are blessed to get some pool party invitations this summer, and it has been especially great for ZooZoo.  
The child that used to scream near water.   Especially if it touched her face.   Because "eeeewwwww...... wet!"

But now?
She loves it!!

So much she throws her arms up in the air sometimes and says "YAAAAY!!!" 

(iPhone Photo Tip: If you hold down the shutter button, you can get a burst of photos in sequence - which is great for action shots.)

That's actually really good tuck form ZooZoo!

You can then take that awesome burst of photos, and make a cool gif!

And if you are feeling really creative;  a cool, catchy music video!

I hope you are all having a summer that has you throwing up your arms and yelling "Yay!"