We are having an amazing vacation here in the northern part of Ontario.
Yes, the water is a bit colder... a balmy 71 F the other day.    It's not bad once you get in and stay tucked down very low in the water out of the wind.

So swimming is basically like doing squats for 45 minutes.
Which is great because we don't count calories on vacation. 

Our cabin is very cozy, which I now know is renter's speak for "such tight quarters you will only come back to sleep because you cannot move around, but hopefully the views will make you forget that you even have a cabin in the woods."

Well, they aren't wrong.

And you know how much I like moving pictures...

I'll be back home soon and hopefully in between loads of laundry and endless mugs of coffee, get around to visiting all of you! 

Hope your summer is  one of many good moments and memories.