I don't have much planned for you while I am away on vacation.
I figured you'd probably like to enjoy the sunshine in the Great Outdoors as much as myself.

Still... sounds of crickets, right?

So here's a little poetry interlude while I am gone.
I've been using a lot of creative inspiration from just simple photos I see on social media.   Sometimes it's the look in a women's eyes, or the way the subject is shot against a particular background.  The mood is just... felt.

So my poetry is not always about ME.   More often it is gleaned from something else that has stuck a chord within me.  Then I try to place myself within that world.

Since the photo which inspired me is not my own; I cannot share it here, but hopefully you still get the "sense of the scene" from my words.

A girl.  A city street.  Snow falling gently.   The back of a man behind her, while she looks over her snowflake laden shoulder; a trace of sadness in her gaze.

a backwards glance, while the snow fell
upon the cobbled city streets
such tiny frozen clusters
invisible within the wind
but luminous crystals where they lay
in lace knitted piles beneath your booted feet
you stood silent as a man lost -
carrying a passport too old
to give him passage into my solitary frontier
while I, unable to stop
though the air hurts my face
raise numb hands
in surrender or defeat, I don’t know why
but I am trying to remember -
we two are pondering alone
upon this dangerously slick frozen road
you breathing invisible sounds below the horizon
remembering old times, probably
as my own thoughts are going
blurred flaky visions falling upon the forgotten road
I could stop for awhile, while you trace my steps
but the next life is waiting
and seeing the light
I turn to the sun on my face
and say farewell to the cold shadows
in whose heart
a lost girl took refuge.

What inspires you?