The summer is flying by!!

During the daylight hours, and sometimes even the night hours are going by like a blur!

Since I have not been here much of late, I thought I should at least pop in quick before our next adventure and assure you that I have been making good use of my free time!

So here's what has been happening; when I wasn't here.

Sun, Sand and Surf!

I think we have made about 10 trips to our favourite local beaches here in Ontario.
(Yes, there are sand beaches in Canada!)

We've also spent quite a bit of time where the wild things are.

Sometimes, the wild things come to us.

Sorry - no pic of the skunk that visited our camp fire one night.
Or of the very wise raccoon that slowly backed away .... once presented with said skunk's backside.
Thank you for making a good decision Mr. Raccoon!

On those days when we don't feel like we can handle any more fresh air, I've been:


Season 5 of Game of Thrones and waiting patiently for Season 6 to become available.
And by that I mean, the further 6 months I will have to wait for everyone else in my small town to watch the DVDs before I can get my greedy hands on the ONE copy my video store will stock.

Two Seasons of Peaky Blinders and waiting patiently for Season 3 to appear on Shomi.  

Basically, I'm doing a lot of waiting to watch people.

Meanwhile, Norman Reedus graced us with his motorbike presence in Ride with Norman Reedus.

And if anyone understood a Single Darn Thing about Preacher, please let me know.


Mostly, your blogs!   When I can.

I have not read a single, entire book as yet.   But I have been enjoying quite a bit of Poetry via Tumblr blogs that I follow.   I guess I am just in that creative mode right now - given how busy life has been.   Which is great because they are MANY talented writers to discover.

I've also written a few, but they perhaps have a bit of darkened edge that might not be appropriate to share here.   With all that has been happening in our world recently, I feel my spirit groan along with the thousand other souls who live in daily fear. 


Thanks to an iTunes gift card I received for my birthday, I discovered and downloaded some new music.   And some show tunes.  Because I am musically eclectic like that.

A few new to me:

Three Empty Words ~ Shawn Mendes

Lying Under Oak ~ Band of Horses

Back Down South ~ Kings of Leon

Come Get it Bae ~ Pharrell Williams

Photo Ninja-ing

Well, not so much or as often as I would like.

I have captured birds splashing and bunnies hopping; but other than that, most of my photos have been with my iPhone.    That will change during our upcoming Road Trip as I will be bringing my Canon big girl camera along.

Expect to be Photo Bombed BIG time upon my return.

I have been working on some photo edits with those bunny shots though.   Seeing that widdle wabbit hop around so freely in my garden reminded me of one of my favourite childhood books:  Watership Down.    I definitely plan to read it again this Fall when the kids return to school.

I believe Claudia from ImagesbyCW is still taking a break from her Art link up -- but you should still drop by because I guarantee she will have something beautifully, creative and amazing to share!


Okay, so that's possibly one you might not want to receive updates about, but it has been one of the hottest summers I can remember.
And I am not complaining -- even though no matter inside, outside, asleep or awake:  we be sweating!

But, it also means I am continuing my daily workouts; as much as I can.  Even if it's a simple yoga routine: I am gonna sweat!
Which again, I won't complain; because you know Smore's be happening too.

Here's a nice little Begin Your Day yoga video from one of my favourite instructors.

And there you have it!
Lots of good things to celebrate and feed the mind, body and soul.

Currently; it's all good.

How are you enjoying your summer so far?