Is there anything better than waking up in your own bed with the aroma of fresh brewed coffee drifting nearby?

If you know of anything, please share the secret.
What I am saying is....  Home Sweet Home!

But yeah, still kinda missing this:

And while home is sweet, the sunsets over the community centre next door are just not quite as awesome as the ones at the Lake.

I also missed a bull Moose by about 5 minutes.   Seven trips to this Northern location, a hundred warning signs of Moose Crossing!, and probably about 1,500 photos:  but not one single moose spotted yet!

They lie!!

Long story short:  we had a great vacation... and yes, you will see more pics to prove it.

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1. I wish Criminal Minds would bring back Thomas Gibson, AKA "Agent Aaron Hotchner" -  I don't know the full story of what lead to his firing from the show because trees don't make good wifi connections but I do know I cannot imagine this show without his character.  He's the heart and soul of the show.   

I may also be still salty about the loss of Derek Morgan. 

2. An act of kindness that I do often is volunteer at our local community centre in the cafe once or twice per month.   It's a great way to serve my community and engage with local people; sometimes who might need a helping hand.   Also, there's coffee.  So, win-win.

3.  I still have several books and a few stuffed animals from my childhood.   Honestly it's still one of my favourite ways to pass the time; curl up with a good book and a soft friend.    And I love that my children can often be seen with one of my old books and my old stuffies.

"Bear" - who is actually a groundhog - is one my faves from childhood, and it was very special that my firstborn MonkeyBoy adopted him on sight.   Bear had many great travels with us for years, until he greeted a tattered retirement with one good eye.

He always was good to bring snacks to the party too. 

4.  If I didn’t have my daily Yoga, I’d be completely lost.    I know; coffee seemed the obvious answer here, and basically having both to start my day is the perfect morning.   But the body is getting old and making strange clicking and grinding noises when I get out of bed, and my yoga routines help keep all the cricks and knots at bay.    It's also very calming and relaxing; which is necessary when you are surrounded by three children all day long.

And moose hunting, of course. 

Downward Moose?

Are you ready for summer to be done?