So much sadness in the world lately.    So much senseless tragedy. 
Hope dangles like a too thin thread and spins while we desperately clutch to hold on.

And still I would seek the beauty of today, and leave the misery to yesterday.

No matter how thin the thread.  No matter how much the world seems to spin out of control.  As long as Hope still remains for the grasping:  Love still can find a way too.

We just have to cast aside the things that would divide us, and cover one another with what holds us together.

Love always covers over.

Cover me
when I am broken
Cover me
when I am low
Cover me
when in the darkness
this evil begins to grow.
Cover me
when trouble visits
Cover me
when dreams are lost
Cover me
when the world feels empty
and I paid too high a cost.
Cover Me
when the night feels endless
Cover Me
when the days grow long
Cover Me
when I am weakened
let my Faith be sure and strong.
Cover Me
when the scars break new
Cover me
when all hope slips away
Cover me
while I am kneeling
at the closing of each day.
And when the morning breaks new
and I step into the light
still I know the world keeps pushing
what is wrong will be made right
and though my steps may falter
I will press ever on
because I know I can be strong
when your Love walks beside
and Covers Me.