When it is summer and the kids are all home and it's the third day of Thunder showers and mama is going crazy....

... all you need is a little Faith, Trust -- and Pixie Dust!

An old aquarium and a good local dollar store is pretty handy too!

Here's our DIY Fairy Garden.

First, go supply hunting!   A quick, easy Google search will give you tons of ideas for a Fairy Garden.   You may even have some supplies such as seashells, fairy figurines, or rocks already on hand.   Choose the look you want, and go on a Fairy Adventure.

My girls decided that they wanted two separate areas in their Fairy World:  a house and garden section, and a beach section.

So our first step was to create two "environments" within the aquarium.    I first poured one bag of play sand to fill the bottom, then dirt for planting at one end, and more sand at the opposite end.   We have 3 easy care plants in the garden.  One that adds a bit of colour with it's pretty purple leaves, one spikey grass that should add some height, and the moss is just pretty cool to touch.  

After you have your garden planted and your beach area done (I put decorative coloured sand over the play sand), all that's left is placing your found treasures!

We couldn't find any "fairy" houses, so the girls opted to paint some wood bird houses we found in the dollar store.  

Some coloured rocks make for nice pathways.
Blue coloured glass makes for a pretty water pool. 

And don't forget all the special finishing touches like turtle eggs and cocktail umbrellas.
And of course, your fairies.

Our fairy garden is located outdoors on our back deck, however, I did place it under the house overhang so that water would not pour into the display should it rain.   I also made a wood lid to completely cover the top for protection, should a storm occur.   Most days it is open to the sunshine.

I also placed a solar garden light in the one corner so that our fairies would have a "nightlight."     

Well, I had to improvise.... since we couldn't tame find any live lightning bugs.

The girls love their garden, and I hope that it can be something special that grows along with them each season.

Although I have no idea how fairies "winter?!" 

What are some of your rainy day plans?